UD Trucks Gemba stories

Gemba story: line leader

I like to solve problems on my own and I’ve always enjoyed giving people advice about their vehicles.

What do you value the most in your workplace?
I appreciate the teamwork at UD, as we support each other with a concerted effort to achieve a common goal.

What do you think is unique about UD’s culture?

The determination to deliver the best trucks to customers is the spirit that the founder intended to convey, and I still feel strongly encouraged by this today.

What goals are you working towards at the moment?
Now I’m working towards practicing my English, I want to be able to understand and communicate with global colleagues and customers with ease. At the same time, I’m improving my professional skills by learning about the new features of the trucks as well as applying new technology to increase the efficiency of the assembly line.

What motivates you at work?
The targets, quality standards, production costs and delivery of vehicles motivate me to work hard at UD.

What does gemba bring to you?
Since I started at UD, I have had the chance to exchange new ideas and learn from others, this has allowed me to grow professionally and provide effective solutions to customers.