Engineered to be durable. Designed to run around the clock

With Croner we have created a reliable and durable truck, built with proven robust components without compromising on quality. This allows for longer time between scheduled service intervals. Simply put, an enduring and easily serviced truck, so you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time making money on the road.

UD Trucks Croner

UD Trucks Croner GH5E engine

GH engine

• Proven global technology with strenuously tested reliability and durability.
• Enhanced component design, manufacturing and testing process to provide best-in-class performance.
• Long oil change intervals reduce maintenance cost and increase uptime.



• Built with endurance in mind, the Croner’s transmission is a proven solution tested by experts with decades of experience in medium-duty trucks.
• A robust twin-countershaft design enables it to reach a higher reliability level than typical medium-duty trucks.

UD Trucks Croner axle

Axle capacity

• Croner has the highest axle capacity in its class.
• Increased carrying capacity delivering more uptime and productivity in heavy load use such as construction.
• In other words, it can carry more than typical medium-duty trucks, with the ultimate reliability and durability expected of a UD truck.

UD Trucks Croner steel frame

Upgraded high-tensile steel chassis frame

• Built for durability and safety with millions of kilometers of durability testing.
• Frame with the highest tensile limit (strength) in its class.
• Engineered to be strong yet flexible based on globally proven technology and experience.
• Flexibility ensures chassis components perform well and reduce cargo stress.

UD Trucks Croner front and rear suspension

Front and rear suspension

• Croner offers several reliable and durable options from leaf spring to air suspension.
• A heavy-duty version of the multi-leaf spring suspension is available with higher stiffness and strength.
• Increased carrying capacity delivering more uptime and productivity in heavy load use such as construction.
• Optional air suspension is available for factory option to meet customer demand for transport quality of sensitive freight.

UD Trucks Croner brakes foundation

Brakes foundation

• A full air braking system with reliable S-cam type drum brakes is offered on all variants.
• Croner has a larger capacity of brake drum and linings than other trucks in its class.
• Larger brake capacity provides better stopping power and lasts longer between service intervals.
• Less need for maintenance and replacing parts means boosted uptime, hence saving lifetime costs.