Engines GH11E and GH8E


The 11-liter engine - better value for every mile

The GH11E was developed to provide the best possible performance in actual operation. It is based on advanced Volvo Group technology in combination with UD Trucks’ manufacturing quality. The low fuel consumption is due to the wide rev range with high thermal efficiency.

• Fuel-efficient with good driveability
• Good torque at low revs results in quick response
to acceleration
• Maximum torque within a wide rev range
• Optional UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB) for
enhanced braking
• Electronically controlled cooling fan reduces losses
• Turbocharging with air-to-air intercooler
• Engine driven power take-off with high torque output
of maximum 1 000 Nm
• Low noise and vibration at idling
• Power/torque: 420 hp / 2 000 Nm, 390 hp / 1 800 Nm

Auxiliary brake

The UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB) is a powerful engine brake that is optional with the 11-liter engine. The UD EEB is a means of using the engine as an auxiliary braking device. This is done by back pressuring the cylinders within the engine, using exhaust pressure and a patented ingenious valve system. There is no generation of heat or extra wear and tear on equipment.