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Budget Truck Rental Paying The Rent With UD

Thursday, 27 November 2008 | Print

Budget Truck Rentals in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast in Queensland, has added UD's new PK9 to its fleet of rental trucks thanks largely to the strong reputation the company's trucks have earned and the positive reports the new models have garnered.

There are few more taxing jobs for a medium-duty truck than being assigned to a rental fleet. Ask any truck rental company about the treatment of their trucks and they will almost certainly explain how many clutch replacements, body and cabin repairs and other challenges they face in operating a rental fleet.

Every time a truck is hired it will potentially have a different driver who has no interest in the welfare of that vehicle once it is handed back at the end of their time with it.

It's with this background that Budget Truck Rentals Brisbane and Gold Coast franchise has added UD's new PK9 to its rental fleet, augmenting a number of other medium and light-duty trucks on its books.

The Budget truck fleet in South East Queensland has been under constant demand thanks to the economic growth in the region and while you may see trucks in the Budget yards from time to time they are generally only an hour or so from heading back out in the hands of a new renter tackling everything from removals work to carting equipment for rock and roll bands on the road.

The man who has run the Budget franchise in SE Queensland for the past 21 years, Albert Sofia, says it is a tough business and it requires tough trucks.

"This area has been booming over the past decade and the demand has been tremendous with building projects, businesses opening to serve the rapidly growing population and just a tremendous demand for goods and services throughout the region," said Albert.

"The spin off for a truck hire business in a strong economy is that companies need extra capacity to prevent downtime, so they hire trucks to keep their businesses moving," he added.

"We have been very focussed on Japanese trucks because they stand up to the punishment on a rental fleet better than European and American brands, it is as simple as that," he said.

Budget purchased the new breed of UD PK9s recently and they have fitted into the fleet very well and impressed Albert Sofia with their ease of operation and performance.

"I make a point of driving all the vehicles on the fleet to get a good idea of how they perform and how a renter might judge the vehicles and the UD certainly impressed me," said Albert.

"UD had a good reputation for reliability and cost effectiveness which was the prime motivation for buying the new PK9s, while the ergonomics and good cabin layout also helped cement the decision," he added.

"The ease of use, the good layout and the mirror set up were all points that impressed me about the UD and I thought they went very well indeed," said Albert.

Automatic transmissions will clearly be a very important factor in medium-duty truck sales in the next few years as owners look to maximise efficiency and attract drivers in a climate that will see the urban freight task double between now and 2020.

Albert Sofia says his Budget franchise is looking closely at automatic trucks because they will not only offer renters a more efficient and easier to drive vehicle but also deliver his company better reliability.

"We are keen on automatics and I know UD is in the process of introducing automatics to its range and we are waiting to have a look at these so that we can bring them onto our fleet, they will certainly be attractive to renters, particularly those with relatively inexperienced drivers," Albert added.

So next time you consider renting a truck in South East Queensland remember that UD's new range of clean, green and efficient PKs are available at Budget, oh and by the way spare a thought for Albert and his staff at Budget and treat the machine with some kindness, they'll be very appreciative.

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