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New UD GW400 Proves Its Green Credentials For Brisbane Recycler

Wednesday, 1 October 2008 | Print

A Brisbane based waste removal and recycling company has embraced the new clean and efficient UD GW400 bringing the truck on to its fleet to improve efficiency and deliver a safer and greener operation.

The new GW400 has joined six older UD MK and PK models, which have already proved their worth to the company, operating cost effectively and reliably for a number of years.

Since Green Bins added the new GW400 to its operation based at Richlands in Brisbane's west in April this year, the truck has already clocked up more than 30,000km carting waste bins from building and development sites all over the city to its base where building waste is sorted and sent for recycling.

According to Green Bins Fleet Manager Dave Harris the company has tried just about every other brand of truck but UD has proved to be the most reliable and trouble free.

"We have had a swag of problems with other brands from poor after sales service to reliability and fuel use, but we have had none of that from the UDs," said Dave Harris.

"We looked closely at the new GW when it was launched, the price was right and given our experience with the smaller UDs on our fleet we decided to give it a go, it's a decision we have not regretted," he said.

"The UD GW400 had more power than some of its opponents and has proved to be extremely economical as well as comfortable and easy to drive," he added.

"Our experience with the GW400 has been extremely positive and means we will be ordering more UDs in the future."

Green Bins has just notched up its first decade of operations and the service has proved a popular choice for builders, renovators and developers keen to be more environmentally conscious.

"Our service costs a little more because it is not as cheap to sort and recycle the waste as it is to dump into landfill but more and more people are wanting a service such as this and demand is increasing," said Dave Harris.

"We recycle everything and it is proving the way of the future and more and more people are asking about recycling their building waste," he added.

""It is important for us to be environmentally responsible and to operate trucks that are fuel efficient and meet the latest emission rules," said Dave.

"The UD GW is returning between 2.5 to 3 kilometres to the litre running with a full load on board which is pretty impressive for a relatively new truck and that is already better than the truck it replaced," he added.

The Green Bins trucks are on the road 12 hours a day battling the increasingly difficult Brisbane traffic and servicing the still buoyant building industry across the Queensland capital.

"The trucks don't do huge kilometres, averaging around 350 to 400 kilometres a day but there is a lot to idle time using the PTO to load and unload the bins and they have to battle the traffic all day every day," Harris added.

"The driver of the GW400 is the happiest he has ever been and the reality is you have to look after your drivers these days because they are hard to get and hard to keep."

The man tasked with driving the Green Bins GW400, Eric Waititi, says he loves driving the new UD citing its comfort, ease of operation and power as the best features.

"This is a great truck, it is easy to drive and the power when full laden makes it a lot easier in Brisbane traffic than the last truck," said Eric.

"It is extremely comfortable and I get out of the cab after a 10 hour day and feel as fresh as a daisy, it really is fantastic."

The GW400 regularly hauls bins laden up to 12 tonnes and its success on the Green Bins fleet has prompted Dave Harris to declare the company will be ordering more of the new UDs in the near future.

"We have a fleet of 14 trucks and that is growing, we will be looking to add to the seven UDs we already have and the performance of the GW has done nothing to change our view that UD is a good fit for our business," said Dave.

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