UD Proves A Gas For Air Liquide Healthcare

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 | Print

UD Trucks are helping a major national company to safely and efficiently distribute vital medical gases to hospitals, medical and dental practices and veterinary hospitals.

Air Liquide Healthcare's medical gas cylinders are now being distributed across Australia's eastern seaboard by King Transport using a fleet of six UDs including three MK6s and three PK10s each fitted with a specially designed body to hold the various medical gas cylinders safely and securely.

King Transport recently won the contract for Air Liquide Healthcare distribution and with its long history of using UD Trucks, Kings had no hesitation in purchasing the latest MK6 and PK10 models for the task of delivering the precious cargo.

The company operates a total fleet of 12 UD Trucks across operations in cities around Australia servicing contracts with major organisations including Air Liquide Healthcare, Coca Cola and Sleepmaker.

According to King Transport's national business development manager Cabel Ham, the company chose UD because of the strong track record with the brand over many years, because they were well priced and represented the best value in the spec they required.

"Kings have been purchasing UDs for many years both as company vehicles and prior to that with sub-contractors and we have never had a problem with them, they are reliable, cost effective and fuel efficient," said Cabel Ham.

"We have built a very strong relationship with UD and they were really the best trucks available for the task of transporting Air Liquide Healthcare medical gases," he added.

The bodies on the King Transport UDs were designed by Air Liquide Healthcare for the task and feature a special racking and locking system with the medical gas cylinders transported in a special stillage that allows them to be easily secured in the truck body.

In addition the body features an integrated rail lift system which allows the driver to walk into the body, lift the medical gas cylinders and move them down the centre to the rear door where they can be easily lowered to the ground below.

"It is a very secure system that ensures the safety of the medical gas cylinders as they are being transported and also allow them to be easily loaded and unloaded," said Cabel.

'Our drivers are very happy with the UDs, they are comfortable and easy to drive and the reliability means hassle free days, which is vital for any transport operation.

"It is too early to judge fuel economy however if our experience with previous UDs is an indication this will be a strong feature and will not cause any alarm, he added.

The UDs used for the Air Liquide Healthcare contract are primarily for metro delivery work in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane but will also be required for runs to nearby regional centres including Newcastle, Queanbeyan and the Sunshine Coast.

The company uses UD dealers to service its fleet of UDs a factor, which is particularly important with several of the trucks, deployed to interstate operations.

King Transport is headquartered in Melbourne and operates across Australia with operations in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth as well as a newly opened operation in Auckland New Zealand.

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