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Perth Bobcat Operator Really Digs His New UD GW400

Wednesday, 2 September 2009 | Print

A young Perth excavation contractor has increased his productivity and reduced his overall costs by purchasing a new UD GW400 tipper for work in and around the Perth metropolitan area.

Budi Sumich purchased the new GW400 after he realised his old truck was just not up the task of pulling his skid steer loader on a pig trailer as well as hauling fill from building and excavation sites.

The new GW400 has enabled Budi Sumich to increase his workload by approximately 20 percent while lowering his fuel costs and widening the sphere of operations.

Utilising the Federal Government 50 percent tax rebate Budi Sumich purchased the new truck and says the UD has given his business a significant boost and allowed him to do more work with less hassle.

"The bottom line with this new UD is you get a lot more done everyday, it is faster at take off, copes with hills better and is more comfortable," said Budi Sumich.

"My old truck didn't like pulling the pig trailer and the Bobcat and I realised it was time to update the machinery especially with the benefit of the government capital equipment tax break, so I started shopping around," he said.

"The UD GW was really well priced I saw the ads in the paper and spoke to some people and realised UD had a great reputation for reliability and engineering so I made the big decision and bought it," he added.

While initially being a little concerned about the need to use AdBlue, Budi says the catalyst has proven to be easy to use and no hassle in day to day running.

"The AdBlue is really not an issue, you just top it up every second fill and don't let it drain right down, it is extremely easy really," said Budi.

"One of the best points about the new GW is the fuel economy, in city running fully laden I have been getting 2.1km/litre or around 850km from a tank which is pretty amazing particularly compared with my old truck," he said.

Budi started in the Bobcat hire business just over two years ago and like a lot of start up operators an older second hand truck formed the cornerstone of the business, however the new truck despite costing considerably more to purchase, has cut his operating expenses.

"Apart from the fuel savings I am saving money on repairs and maintenance as well as a big reduction in down time, not to mention extra load capacity and the increased work load I can handle," said Budi.

"The truck is so comfortable that you get out at the end of the day and you feel fresh and less fatigued which benefits productivity and safety," he added.

"You just climb in and start her up, it's a very nice truck to drive, it does the work effortlessly where the old truck struggled.

"It also means I can now cover all of Perth including the hills because the travel times have been dramatically reduced with the GW400," he said.

While the Perth building market has been booming Budi says it has quietened off a little since he purchased his new UD but is confident the truck will equip him well to handle the expected growth in the market over the next few months.

"When the workload does build over the coming months I am confident now that I have a truck that can handle the workload and won't let me down," Budi added.

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