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Melbourne Operator Reckons UD Trucks Is A Bottler

Sunday, 29 March 2009 | Print

In 1985 when John Accurso was looking to buy his first truck he reflected on the number of UDs he saw on the roads around Melbourne and realised the Japanese brand was the perfect fit for his fledgling enterprise.

Today, 24 years later, John is still running UDs and is fiercely loyal to the marque, which helped him build his business, Express Freight Services.

The Express Freight Services fleet currently comprises three UDs including a brand new MK6, which has just joined the operation along with two MK245s.

Hauling plastic drink bottles and plastic bottle tops for Cadbury Schweppes from a manufacturing facility based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne to the bottling plant in the South East of the city the Accurso UDs pound the busy freeways and roads of Melbourne each day with each truck covers around 60,000km a year.

"It is not a lot of kilometres compared with some trucks but it is a tough schedule with heavy traffic and lots of delays, you really need to keep your cool and have a truck that is reliable economical and comfortable, the UDs tick all of those boxes," said John Accurso.

"I have tried other trucks but I have always come back to UD, to me they are always the best, all you have to do is regular services and they just keep on going," he said.

"Getting them serviced is so easy, it is like a pit stop they are in and back out again without a delay and it has never been any different the reliability is phenomenal," he added.

"The success of my business has been built on the back of UD Trucks and I owe a lot to them for the reliability and low running costs they have delivered over the years," he said.

The latest addition to the Express Freight Services fleet is a new UD MK6 equipped with air bag rear suspension.

"I have specified it with air bags for the smooth ride and given the state of Melbourne roads it is something I am really looking forward to, not that the ride in the current UDs is bad, its just the airbag will be so much better," said John.

Economy is another critical factor in any transport business and John Accurso believes the low fuel consumption he has enjoyed with his UDs is a standout.

"Fuel economy can make or break a business and I have to say the UDs have consistently returned great fuel consumption over many years.

"We have enhanced it by running aero kits and also driving with economy in mind, there is no use charging around in heavy traffic, you just use up fuel, you don't get there any faster and you put more wear and tear on the truck.

"I have always looked after my trucks, they are always clean and well maintained and as a result I get more for them when it comes to trading them in," John adds.

The first UD John Accurso bought, a CW, is still on the road and working hard around Melbourne with a new owner after being traded for a newer UD by John Accurso.

"That truck was a tremendous vehicle and really worked hard for me, but as I said I looked after it and it I still see it on the road where it is still running strong it must have more than a million kilometres on the clock by now.

"The PK265 I purchased in 1998 is also still working on Melbourne roads, I see it regularly and that had more than 350,000km on the clock when I traded it in 2004, it would be up around 700,000 km by now," he said.

"That is the sort of reliability that I am talking about and I have come to depend on with my UDs.

"When I first started driving in the early 1980s breakdowns were the norm and the trucks we used could be a real headache but I have just never had any problems with the UDs," John concluded.

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