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Tasmanian Recycler Gets The Good Oil On UD

Tuesday, 7 April 2009 | Print

Tasmania's leading waste oil collection and recycling company has dramatically reduced its transport costs since purchasing a pair of UD PK10s.

Hagen Oil, based in Launceston, collects and recycles oils and waste water from industrial operators all over Tasmania and uses the two UD PKs to transport tanker units to collect and return used oil to its facility in the Northern Tasmanian city.

With the new UD PKs coming on stream in December 08 it is too early to say exactly how much Hagen Oil is saving but on current projections the company's fuel costs will be reduced by approximately 60 percent, along with significant savings in maintenance and repairs.

Owned and operated by expatriate Canadian Doug Hagen, Hagen Oil made the decision to switch from higher horsepower trucks to the 265 horsepower UDs in a bid to lower costs and its carbon footprint.

"I have always had an allegiance to US drive trains because of my Canadian background and they tend to have higher horsepower but a few years ago a chap convinced me to try a UD and it performed flawlessly," said Doug Hagen.

"This guy reminded me that my neighbour next door had treated his UD with absolute contempt and it was still going strong and if a truck could last year in those conditions it would last in just about any situation," he added.

Hagen purchased a CW445 and ran that along with another higher horsepower truck until he decided to re-assess his needs last year.

"I realised the higher horsepower trucks were overkill and that I could reduce my fuel costs and maintenance costs by switching to newer Euro 4 spec UDs without affecting travel times and performance," said Doug.

Purchasing Euro 4 spec trucks will also help Hagen Oil in its quest to gain the new EMS quality standard for small business.

"The trucks carry removable oil tanks and occasionally haul a dog trailer with a tanker fitted and were always well under weight for the bigger trucks so with the looming slow down and hard times ahead I made the move to downsize," he added.

"One third of our running is at full load, one third is at half load and the remaining third is running empty so a lot of the time our high horsepower trucks were a total waste and I could see some significant fuel savings could be made.

"I set the goal of reducing fuel consumption from around 2.5 km/litre to around four km/litre and even though the trucks are still new we are already hitting 3.9km/litre fully laden and achieving in the mid fives running unladen," he said.

"With the new trucks I also gained a five year warranty which insulated us from major repair costs for the next few years and as well as that the rego, tyres and lease costs are all lower as well so in every area we are saving money," he added.

"I really wanted to reduce my costs and ensure my business stays competitive in what will be a tough economic environment over the next year or so," said Doug Hagen.

"The PK10s have airbag suspension on the back so the ride is smoother and much more comfortable particularly on some of the Tasmanian back roads that we have to negotiate.

"Flexibility is what the UD PKs deliver to us, we can do all of the work we need to do with a more appropriate truck at a much better price and with lower running costs," said Doug.

Born and raised in Canada Doug moved to Tasmania in the late 1980s and with experience in agriculture, machinery and the oil industry he saw an opening in the waste oil retrieval and recycling business and hasn't looked back. He runs the business with his wife Deseree and after almost 20 years are now very much Tasmanians

Hagen Oil collects industrial and automotive oils as well as wastewater from various businesses and industries around Tasmania and processes them at its Launceston facility. It can produce recycled hydraulic oils and other products as well as filtering wastewater to acceptably clean levels. In addition it cleans and recycles 205 litre drums for re-use in a variety of industries.

"We collect, clean and the sell it again, it is as simple as that," he said.

"Our key is adaptability and flexibility and we look to value add so in many ways the UDs are very similar, they are adaptable, flexible and have certainly added value to our business," Doug added.

UD launched the new medium-duty range in Australia last year with the debut of the new PK9 and PK10 as well as the smaller MK5 and 6 models.

The PK9 uses steel springs and the PK10 utilises Hendrickson airbag suspension at the rear.

UD's PK medium-duty range delivers 260hp of power at 2500rpm and 794Nm of torque at1500rpm, with strong fuel economy and lower emissions thanks to its electronically controlled common rail diesel with VNT variable geometry turbocharger.

The PK's safety credentials are enhanced with an extensive standard equipment list headlined by ABS anti-lock brakes, cruise control, and air conditioning along with many other features.

Other standard features include power windows and remote operated keyless central locking.

The two PK models offer four variants with either UD's own six speed manual transmission or an Eaton sourced nine-speed manual.

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