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UD Celebrates 20 Years Of Success With Junee Shire Council

Monday, 24 August 2009 | Print

Junee Shire Council has celebrated 20 years with UD Trucks with the addition of a new GW470 as the flagship of its truck fleet.

Junee Shire Council has celebrated 20 years with UD Trucks with the addition of a new GW470 as the flagship of its truck fleet.

The council, which covers more than 2400 square kilometres of southern NSW, has been purchasing UD Trucks since the late 1980s when it took delivery of its first, a CWA445 and the performance of that trucks and subsequent UDs on the council fleet cast the die for its truck buying over the next two decades.

The Junee Shire spans the NSW southern slopes and plains bordered by Wagga Wagga to the south, Gundagai to the East, Cootamundra to the North, Temora to the North West and Coolamon to the West.

The rich grazing and farming land of the Junee Shire is some of the most productive in the country and has an extensive network of roads and infrastructure right across the area that requires constant maintenance.

According to Junee Shire works engineer, Peter Harris, the council strayed away to other brands at one point but quickly returned to UD when the reliability of the other brand proved to be less than what the council had come to expect from its UDs.

"Reliability with UD has always been the strong point, we never have any break downs and we have come to depend on them, which is why when we tried another brand the reliability issues really stood out," said Peter Harris.

"We originally purchased UD on price but the reliability has been so strong that they are really very hard to go past, they are still very competitive price wise but stand head and shoulders above the rest in dependability.

"We have more than 320 kilometres of unsealed roads to maintain as well as more than 420 kilometres of sealed roads and 130 kilometres of State and Regional roads which means our trucks have to work pretty hard and our UDs have always coped well," he said.

Along with its new GW470, which regularly hauls a low loader and heavy excavator around the shire, the council fleet also includes two CW445 tippers, two PK250 multi-purpose work trucks and a CW385 which is also used for tipping and water tanker work and a CW350 towing a pig water tanker.

The two CW445s haul superdog trailers and gross around 48 tonnes hauling gravel, aggregate and other supplies around the shire.

"We try to make our truck fleet as versatile as possible and as they age we move them on to new tasks, the larger ones start off as tippers hauling superdog trailers for around five years and then they might move on to towing a pig trailer or carrying a water tank.

"We have a specially designed water tank designed to fit into our tipper bodies and that just slides into place when it is needed, it is all about versatility and recycling to maximise the life of the vehicles," said Peter Harris.

"The other good thing about the heavy-duty UDs is that with a sleeper bunk they have more room for our crews to carry eskies and lunch boxes out to isolated work sites and particularly with the new GW, the excavator operator can travel in the cab with the driver and offsider and doesn't have to take a second vehicle," he added.

Junee Shire Council is also impressed with the suite of new features on the GW particularly in regard to OH&S features such as ABS anti lock brakes and EBD, as well as ASR traction control.

"It has all the good gear which makes life easier and safer for the drivers and crews who have to live with the truck out on the road every day," he added.

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