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UD Proves An Inspired Choice For Old Mill Timber

Friday, 31 July 2009 | Print

A timber mill based in the idyllic town of Mullumbimby on the NSW Far North Coast is making some significant efficiency gains thanks to its UD PK10 truck.

A timber mill based in the idyllic town of Mullumbimby on the NSW Far North Coast is making some significant efficiency gains thanks to its UD PK10 truck.

Old Mill Timber in Mullumbimby purchased its new air bag suspension PK10 from Lismore dealer Southside Agencies in mid-2008 and has been impressed with the performance and efficiency the new truck has delivered.

Used for timber deliveries all across the hilly and challenging terrain of the Far North Coast the Old Mill UD PK10 has proved a big step up from the older rival Japanese truck it replaced and has helped driver Rod Ford handle more deliveries each day without sacrificing fuel economy

Proprietor Anthony Star who has owned Old Mill Timber for the past six years admits he went shopping for a new truck with an open mind.

"I was well aware of UD's reputation for long-term reliability and in a three-way contest with rival Japanese brands UD's the air-suspended PK10 model won on the ability to provide the best bang for the buck," said Anthony Star.

"Reliable delivery is obviously a vital part of this business, builders have to know that the timber they have ordered will show up on time and we needed to upgrade our old truck to ensure our standard of service was maintained at a high level," he said.

"UD's shelf specs on wheelbase and weight distribution were right on the money. It gave us the right platform for what he wanted, without the need to alter anything when it came to fitting the Hiab (crane) and the tray," he added.

"As I said, the UD offered the best bang for the bucks in every way possible and has proven itself a valuable asset to our company."

The Old Mill PK10 is fitted with a six metre tray built by McNamara Engineering in Lismore and day to day driving duties are handled by Rod 'Rocket' Ford.

The taciturn Ford is a man who does not offer praise lightly but is quick to compliment his new UD.

"There's really nothing not to like, it's got great manoeuvrability, terrific ride quality and performance and the most appealing attribute is a seat able to comfortably contain my ample frame," says Rod.

"There's a lot of crook roads around here and a lot of land on rough acres, so it's really easy to appreciate the better ride of the truck," Rod added.

Also to Rod's liking is the Eaton nine-speed transmission. "There's some big hills around here but you're never short of a gear and it comes into its own with a full load on the back," says Rod.

Old Mill Timber maintains a devout belief in the principles of value-adding and multi-skilling of staff, as a result employee numbers and annual turnover have both increased considerably thanks to Anthony's policies since he purchased the business six years ago.

"I've always believed that whatever you do, you should do it well," says Anthony Star.

"We work mainly in Australian hardwood timbers, from green wood to finished products, and do everything from kiln drying to machining the wood for a lot of different uses, supplying to architects and local builders and handymen."

Purchasing a new UD PK10 has been another inspired business decision for Old Mill and one that is certainly paying off.

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