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Sadleirs' Green Fleet Adds A Truly Green UD

Monday, 9 March 2009 | Print

One of Australia's oldest transport operators, Sadleirs has added a new UD GW400 prime mover to its Sydney operation as it updates its truck fleet to the latest and most efficient available.

The new UD GW400 joins an older CW385 prime mover and an MK245 rigid operating in and around the Sydney metropolitan area.

Sadleirs evaluated a number of other makes before choosing the new UD GW because of a number of factors.

Sadleir's trucks have long had a green hue thanks to the vivid colour scheme it uses across the fleet however its new UD GW400 not only boasts a green paint job but a green profile as well thanks to its advanced Euro 5 compliant emission control systems.

According to Sadleir's Frank Cook the decision to purchase the new UD GW was based partly on it uses of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emission technology and also as a result of the positive experiences the company had enjoyed with its other UDs.

"The older MK245 and the CW had performed well in the hustle and bustle of Sydney traffic so we were happy to purchase more UDs but above all the people at UD have been very professional answering all our questions and meeting all our technical requirements," said Frank Cook.

"Our Sydney operations team believed that the UD's SCR technology would be the best for us and that has certainly proved correct, UD was able to supply an IBC of AdBlue to our Sydney depot and it has been totally fuss free," he added.

"Our fleet is used entirely in metro delivery work and we operate a total of 55 trucks nationally including around 30 in Perth as well as eight each in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as almost the same number again through our network of permanent sub-contractors.

"We will certainly be looking to add more UDs to the fleet following the success of the GW and the older trucks in Sydney," said Frank Cook.

The driver charged with piloting the Sadleir's UD GW400 around Sydney is Barry Fuller, a 20-year veteran of the truck driving business, ten of which have been at the wheel of a Sadleirs vehicle.

"It is like chalk and cheese compared with my old truck," says Barry.

"The new UD is quiet, comfortable and I have been very grateful of the fantastic air conditioner in the hot Sydney summer," he said.

"It means you can spend all day at the wheel and when it comes to knock off time you are feeling fresh and alert, not worn out and ready for a sleep," he added.

"We don't do a lot of kilometres in the trucks but it is constant work all day, everyday in city traffic which is very taxing on a vehicle but the UD takes it in its stride," says Barry.

Sadleirs has been operating trucks for more than 80 years purchasing its first in 1926, an ex WW1 Reo three tonner and prior to that the company used a fleet of horse drawn carts for transport operations around Fremantle and Perth.

The company was established in 1895 in Fremantle, Western Australia, as a small, family-owned customs brokerage and today employs more than 350 people across Australia a variety of operations including land, air and sea transport, freight forwarding, logistics and custom brokerage.

UD introduced its new 390 horsepower GW400 model in mid 2008 utilising a re-rated version of the same 13-litre overhead cam ultra high pressure unit injector turbo diesel used in its flagship GW470 with maximum power produced at 1800rpm and maximum torque of 1716Nm produced at 1100rpm.

The GW400 will be ideally suited to a wide range of applications including tipper dog, urban semi trailer and intra-state distribution work.

The GW400 comes equipped with a 13-speed version of the Eaton Road Ranger transmission.

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