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Melbourne Operator Skips The Rest To Choose UD Trucks!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009 | Print

A Melbourne based rubbish removal operator says UD has helped him keep his business going and ensured its ongoing success thanks to the efficiency gains he has made with a new UD MK6.

Stuart Frankhouse of SF Rubbish Removal, based at Frankston in Melbourne's southern suburbs purchased, bought the new UD MK6 in September 2008 and has been able to reduce his cost and increase productivity as a result of the performance and running cost advantages the the UD has delivered.

"I have reduced my staffing levels and now I am doing all the work myself driving the UD each day, I am able to work longer and achieve more thanks to the UD than I did when I had blokes working for me," said Stuart.

"My costs have plummeted but my turnover has increased significantly, I push myself and I spend more time in the truck but because it is more comfortable and easier to drive with great air conditioning it really is quite easy," he said.

"UD has enabled me to keep my business going in tough times and it is really a great truck," he added.

Frankhouse started his business in 2000 specialising in rubbish removal with a single old tipper before purchasing two second hand UDs which really helped him drive the operation forward.

"I bought a little five tonner and an N16, both of which were second hand, and the N16 had a bin hook on it so I moved into bin removal, that was in 2006 and the business really boomed," said Stuart.

"I owned those trucks for about two and a half years and put a lot of kilometres on both of them, they just kept going and going, in fact the N16 is still being used.

"I sold it to a guy who has a mini excavator earthmoving operation and he loves it, even though it has more than 800,000km on the clock now it is still working really well," he added.

It was his experience with those older UDs that led Stuart Frankhouse to purchase his MK6 when he went shopping for a new truck.

"I did have a brief look at some other brands but I wasn't happy with the finish and quality, I'd had such a good experience with the older UDs that really it was a no brainer, I got on to the local UD dealer and pretty soon ordered the MK6," said Stuart.

"It is a very comfortable truck, there's plenty of legroom for a big bloke like me and the air conditioning is exceptional and has been a bog bonus during the hot summer we have had here in Melbourne," he said.

Fuel economy has been another notable feature for Stuart and his new MK6 returning around 5km per litre even when fully laden.

"It all adds up, if you can save money on the fuel and repairs and have a more efficient truck as well it makes it easier to keep the business profitable and viable," said Stuart.

I have no hesitation in saying that UD has played a key role in the success of my business and I am now considering buying another truck for skip operations later this year," he added.

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