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UD Helps Reduce Tamworth Council's Carbon Footprint

Friday, 5 June 2009 | Print

A major regional council in northern NSW has added a new UD MK6 to its extensive fleet in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint and improve efficiency.

Tamworth Regional Council based in Australia's country music capital and covering more than 10,000square has a fleet of more than 80 trucks ranging from two tonners to heavy prime movers.

The council has had a long association with UD Trucks, however in recent years purchasing specifications and requirements meant the council turned to other brands.

With the arrival of the new generation of UD trucks complying with the latest ADR80/01 emission regulations the council has been able to return the marque to its purchasing list.

According to Tamworth Regional Council technical officer plant and supply, Jason Love, the council is very conscious of its carbon footprint and in reducing fuel used.

"The council has very strict state government benchmarks and limits it must meet with it's vehicle fleet and with common rail diesels meeting the latest emission regulations the council is able to consider UD for its truck purchases again," said Jason Love.

"When you look at the number of trucks and vehicles we run if you can save just five percent on fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions then you are looking at a significant saving in money and pollution, particularly over a ten year life cycle," he said.

"Apart from a strong history of UD trucks on the fleet here in the past the new MK6 ticked a lot of boxes when it came to tendering for a new medium-duty truck, and after ten months of work we really have not looked back," he added.

In terms of reducing the carbon footprint the Council looks at every aspect of the trucks operation from fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to the length of oil change intervals and overall efficiency.

"The UD had long service intervals and strong fuel economy figures so as I said it ticked all the boxes and it certainly has performed superbly in its time on the Council fleet," he added.

The Tamworth Council's UD MK6 is fitted with a crane unit, toolboxes and a tipper body and is used for concrete maintenance and flood mitigation duties around the vast council area.

"Clearly UD had a good reputation but it also had features such as being one of the few trucks in the 10.4 GVM class to feature a sleeper bunk, and while our drivers don't use it for sleeping it gives them room for storing their lunch boxes, jackets and gear," said Jason.

"The drivers are really happy with the truck, it is comfortable, very well powered and has proven to be extremely economical and reliable, it has been just a matter of changing the oil and fuelling it," he added.

When it is not being used for repairing footpaths and stormwater pits the MK6 is also assigned to lift aluminium flood panels into place at strategic points to slow or prevent flood waters flowing into lower lying flood prone areas.

"The flood duty is an important role but thankfully we don't have to use it for flood work all that often, although we did have a flood in late 2008 and the MK6 was very valuable," said Jason Love.

"It is really part of the frontline strategy for helping keep central Tamworth free from floods."

Tamworth Regional Council is the result of the amalgamation of Tamworth City Council, Parry Shire, Nundle Shire, Manilla Shire and approximately three quarters of Barraba Shire.

"It is quite a big area and means the trucks often have to cover a lot of territory so reliability and fuel economy are vitally important," said Jason Love.

The Council will shortly have a new UD MK6 dual control street sweeper delivered joining a similar older UD already fulfilling street sweeping duties while Jason Love says that the experience with the new MK6 and the more environmentally friendly engines will mean the Council will look closely at more UD acquisitions in the near future.

The dual control street sweeper was developed in Australia by UD Trucks and is the only dual control Japanese truck in the 10.4tonne GVM category.

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