Perth Owner Driver Makes An Automatic Shift To UD

Wednesday, 1 December 2010 | Print

Perth based owner driver Big John Antulov reckons he has never driven a better or more comfortable truck than his new UD automatic, with the move to his new UD PK10 improving efficiency, comfort and safety.

One of the main attractions to UD for John was the availability of an automatic truck in a range of chassis lengths, meaning he could put a 12 pallet tray (eight metres in length) on the road for considerably less outlay than an automatic truck from a competitor brand.

According to John, the pricing aspects along with the government tax rebates during 2009 drew him to purchase his new UD PK10 automatic.

"I saw a story in the newspaper about the UD automatics, and while I have never owned a UD before I remember another company having them on fleet and the fact that they couldn't say enough good things about them," said John Antulov.

"When I started to investigate automatic trucks I discovered that UD had the best range and availability.

"To get an equivalent automatic from some of the competitors you have to alter the chassis and that means the UD will cost anything up to $25,000 less than a similar truck from a competitor brand.

"But it was only when I took delivery and started driving it that I realised how good a truck this was, it just blew me away, I actually enjoy going to work these days."

The truck is used primarily for hauling bulk bags of soil, fertiliser, mulch, sand and blue metal for a landscaping supply company that covers the entire Perth metropolitan area, from Mandurah in the south to Lesmurdie and Mt Helena in the east, and Mindarie in the north.

"The most amazing thing is how good the truck is in hilly operation, it just marches up the hills and the braking is particularly enhanced by the auto, it is really amazing," John said.

"Even with a full load on board tipping the scales at around 14 tonnes all up, it still performs superbly; it never ceases to amaze me.

"The fuel consumption is something that is also extremely pleasing with the UD even with the automatic.

"A lot of other drivers thought I was mad and that it would use a lot more fuel, but in fact it is more economical than my old manual; with the automatic programmed it is returning 3.5km/ litre."

John opted for the PK10 airbag suspension model, with the move proving to be a revelation.

"I used to have a really bad lower back problem, but the ride is just fantastic and it doesn't matter whether you have a full load on board or the truck is empty, I couldn't go back to a steel suspension truck," John said.

"In the heat of the last Perth summer this truck performed brilliantly and was just so comfortable to drive, it was just like a big car I many ways."

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