UD Automatics Help Mini Movers Shift Its Truck Buying Policy

Monday, 8 March 2010 | Print

One of Australia's most innovative and leading removals companies, Mini Movers has purchased new UD MK6 Automatic trucks in a bid to increase efficiency and safety in its fleet.

The Brisbane-based company has a total of 12 depots up and down the east coast operating in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with a fleet of more than 168 trucks and 350 employees.

The company has been operating for more than a quarter of a century specialising in short distance moves with an innovative by the hour charge and cutting-edge onboard payment and web based GPS tracking and accounting systems.

Mini Movers has never been afraid to innovate and the purchase of four new UD MK6 Automatics is part of the company's innovative thinking.

According to Mini Movers operations manager, Colin Newman, the company evaluated a number of different trucks in the 10.4 tonne GVM class and believes the UD MK6 Automatic offered the best package particularly for performance, manoeuvrability and ease of operation.

"We looked at automated manuals and realised this new Allison Automatic was a better option particularly for our operations which are centred on busy metropolitan areas," said Colin Newman.

"Our trucks don't do huge kilometres but it is all hard work in and out of city traffic all day which puts a particular strain on clutches and drivelines," he said.

"With the UD automatics we eliminate problems with clutches and reduce wear and tear on the drivelines significantly, not to mention the safety factor as a result of drivers being able to concentrate purely on steering the truck rather than changing gears," he added.

"Eventually all our trucks will be automatics and that will happen as we retire older manual vehicles and purchase new models, the price difference is not that big and when you consider the savings in fuel consumption and wear and tear it is a no brainer," he said.

Mini Movers has traditionally purchased a rival Japanese brand however that brand does not offer an automatic in the 10.4 tonne class and Colin Newman believes that self shifters will now become the standard in the Mini Movers fleet.

"It makes sense and is the logical way to go because of the reasons I have already explained, but also because I think they will be more economical, the transmission changes gears at the optimum point while drivers in manual trucks tend to reve them harder than necessary and as a result use more fuel," Colin says.

Mini Movers trucks only log around 25,000 to 30,000km per year and on average the trucks stay on fleet for around a decade. Maintenance is a key factor and is handled in house by Mini Movers own mechanics.

The striking Mini Movers paint scheme adorns the special custom pantech bodies built for the company by specialist Gold Coast body builder Denkat.

"Denkat does a great body which suits our needs perfectly with a loading ramp and other features built in," said Colin.

The company specialises in domestic removals as well as packaging, dismantling and re-assembly of furniture and packing and unpacking.

All the Mini Movers trucks are equipped with a cell phone based EFTPOS terminal as well as a screen which gives drivers information about the next job, time spent on the job and job costing, making for a total efficiency package which is only enhanced by UD's new MK6 Automatics.

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