UD Are All The Go For Neverfail Delivering The H20

Friday, 23 April 2010 | Print

UD Trucks have made a splash with Neverfail spring water and are now playing a key role in transport operations for the company around Perth and large parts of WA.

Neverfail recently purchased a new GW470 prime mover in WA to haul the company's bulk water tankers from the spring water source in the Darling Ranges to the east of Perth back to its bottling plant in suburban Malaga.

The new GW will join a fleet of 17 smaller UD MK models including one of the latest spec MK6s. The MK6 is a company owned truck, while most are operated by Neverfail contractors, six of whom have recently purchased new MK5s.

According to Neverfail state operations manager for WA, Michael Bird the company purchased UD primarily because the price and spec of the trucks fitted their needs perfectly.

"The smaller UDs have been used by our contractors for some time and proved to be totally reliable and cost efficient," said Michael Bird.

"UD has listened to customers and created trucks that are functional, efficient and modern as well as being really well priced," he said.

"In terms of the new GW470 prime mover we looked at Euro and US brands but found the UD offered the right specifications for the job but at a better price than the others," he added.

"Our experience with the smaller MK model UDs, both with our contractors and the company owned trucks, proved the reliability and dependability, and the reputation of UD's heavy duty models only backed that up," he said.

As well as the GW470 prime mover and tanker rig Neverfail has two company owned MKs, one of the latest MK6 models and an older MK240 both fitted with the custom body especially developed by Neverfail for transporting its water bottles safely and efficiently. The custom built bodies are also used across the fleet of contractors' MKs as well.

"The company owned MK6 and the older MK240 are used for route relief when a contractor's truck is off the road or when they are on vacation and we used the MK6 as test case for our contractors, to cost out the new truck and as an example to them.

"The contractors purchase the four cylinder MK5s for cost reasons and while they are operating generally at the upper end of their capabilities, they have not missed a beat just as the older MK150 and 175s proved over the years," said Michael Bird.

"The UDs, particularly the GW470, are safer and deliver better ergonomics and are more efficient," he added.

"Our drivers had a little resistance to the GW470 when they heard we were buying it but they tried a demo and they were quickly won over, the ride, comfort and performance impressed them and there are certainly no complaints about the switch to a UD prime mover in preference to a European or US truck," he said.

"UD has been a great help we have had very strong support from them and they have done everything they could to ensure Neverfail was a satisfied customer," he added.

Neverfail covers all of the vast state of WA with the major focus on the Perth metro area with 20 trucks catering to the suburban runs and another six servicing major regional centres including Albany, Kalgoorlie, Bunbury, Geraldton, Port Headland and Broome.

Neverfail operates Australia wide with more than 200 contractors distributing the spring water to outlets and customers across every state.

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