Wagga Contractor Doubles His Business Size With UD Trucks

Tuesday, 16 February 2010 | Print

UD Trucks has helped a Wagga Wagga based earthmoving contractor to expand his business while also keeping an eye on capital and running costs.

Rob Ronald who runs Riverina Bobcat & Tipper Hire recently purchased a new UD PK9 to enable him to expand his business and chose the UD mainly on price as well as the tremendous track record of his other truck, an older UD CKA 290 that is still working hard for him.

The Riverina Bobcat & Tipper Hire UD PK9 is fitted with a tipper body carrying a bobcat and hauls a large trailer housing one of Rob's mini excavators.

According to Rob Ronald the PK9 was considerably cheaper than its main opponents in the market while experience with the older UD meant he had no hesitation buying a new one.

"My older UD has never missed a beat and is a great old truck so when I priced a new one and realized there was a considerable price advantage I really couldn't go past the PK9," said Rob.

"W are kept pretty busy all the time contracting to the local Wagga Wagga Council as well as other contactors and the UDs are the perfect size for the work we do, the PK9 in particular is not too big to get into tight construction sites and has the right balance of power and haulage capacity for our needs," he added.

"Seventy percent of the time the truck serves as a machinery float hauling the mini excavator and bobcat to work sites while the other 30 percent we can use it as a tipper to cart waste away from jobs or bring in supplies etc," he said.

Rob Ronald says the versatility, comfort and safety of the his new UD PK9 are all further positives and have enabled him to be more productive and efficient in his business.

"I'd never had a new truck before this one and the creature comfort and safety aspects are a real bonus as far as I am concerned, it is easy to drive and less tiring at the end of the day.

"The brakes are fantastic and with the ABS it is very safe and easy to drive, we mainly operate around suburban Wagga or up to about 100km radius of the city so we don't cover huge kilometres but the fuel efficiency of the UD means I am not spending a fortune on diesel," he added.

"The PK9 covers about 600km between refuels or about 3km / litre full loaded hauling around 7.5 tonnes which is pretty impressive in my book," said Rob.

"The tipper body hauls a very useful load when it isn't housing the bobcat, it is a very impressive body built locally here in Wagga by Nixons who have done a brilliant job while our local UD dealer Hartwigs provided terrific service," he added.

Despite being in the eye of the intense drought over the past few years Wagga Wagga is booming with plenty of building activity and work on offer for a contractor such as Rob Ronald.

"In some ways we have already been through our recession down here and there has been a lot of focus on government projects and so on which has helped prime the local economy and keep things booming along," he said.

"The addition of my new UD PK9 has allowed me to double the capacity of my business while keeping a cap on my operating costs and without spending a fortune," he added.

"As far as I am concerned UD was the only choice for me and I would not have any hesitation purchasing another in the future," Rob Ronald concluded.

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