UD The Automatic Choice For Queensland Water Tank Operator

Wednesday, 3 November 2010 | Print

A Queensland water truck contractor has made the switch to UD Truck's PK9 Automatic to increase efficiency and improve driver comfort.

Larry Allen, who along with his son Andrew operates two UDs out of their base at Buccan, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, added the new PK9 in September 2009, making it the tenth UD he has owned since 1976.

A committed UD buyer, Larry says the performance of past UDs has been so good he finds it hard to buy another brand of truck.

"I bought an American truck once but came straight back to UD, the quality is better and the purchase price and running costs are much lower," said Larry Allen.

"This new automatic is perfect for our work because you don't have any strain on the driveline, it is particularly good for slow creeper work when we are watering a new landscape or returfing project.

"For our application you can dial up a gear and keep it there, it won't change up thinking we are going to go faster and you can control it very easily.

"We mainly do work for landscape contractors and local councils, covering parks streetscapes, new road side plantings.

"We have an 8,000 litre tank on the back and a pump that can throw water 80 metres out from the truck, which is important because we often have 10,000 square metres of turf to water in.

"We use an aluminium tank to keep weight down and switch them from truck to truck; our current tank is 18 years old and still going strong."

The new PK9 Automatic is normally driven by Larry's son Andrew, while Larry drives an older PK265.

"I have been lucky for the last couple of weeks when Andrew has been on holidays and I've been driving the automatic, it has been a real pleasure, I think I might have to sell the old PK and buy myself a PK9 Automatic!" Larry said.

"It has great brakes and we run all steel suspension because I think that is better than airbag when you are carting water, it is a bit more stable and easier to manage in my view."

Larry does all of the maintenance on his trucks himself, but quickly adds there is never very much to do.

"Yes, we do all our own maintenance, but what do you do to a UD? Nothing really because nothing ever goes wrong, they are pretty bullet proof," Larry said.

Andrew Allen backs up his Dad's opinion on 'his' new UD PK9 Automatic and says he has never driven a better truck, particularly in this application.

"It is comfortable, it has plenty of grunt and works extremely well," Andrew said.

"The auto makes it easier to climb over kerbs without damaging your driveline and clutch, which is important when you are doing landscaping work; it is just so easy to drive."

It is only a matter of time before Larry adds a second PK9 Auto to his operation and notches up his 11th UD.

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