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Big Loads Make UD The Ideal Truck For Little Loads

Monday, 7 May 2007 | Print

A Perth based company has changed the face of the landscaping supply industry in the booming West Australian capital thanks to the added payload and compact, space efficient package it has achieved by using UD MK 175s.

Little Loads, a landscape supply business based in the eastern suburbs of Perth, got a jump on its competitors by using UD MK 175’s compact dimensions and high payload along with a large deep tipper body to gain an advantage of more than 800kg on other trucks.

Little Loads purchased two MK 150s in 2002 and has since upgraded to MK 175s, a move which has seen a number of its competitors also switch to UD in a bid to get back on to a competitive footing with the High Wycombe based company.

Little Loads and its associated company, are owned and operated by Sean Curtis who has been involved in the business for the past 30 years and first drove a UD more than 20 years ago when working for his Dad.

“We were looking at purchasing some new tippers about five years ago and were keen to get a better payload while retaining a compact size that would enable us to get into tight sites, after all our business name is Little Loads,” Sean Curtis said.

“The cabs of the MKs are no wider than those of opposition brands but the UDs have a payload advantage which means you can carry more and still get into narrow driveways or building sites with ease.

“We designed the deep tipper bodies to stay within the silhouette of the cab but the depth means we can carry up to eight cubic metres of mulch and still a better payload than most other tippers which is a big boost to our efficiency and keeps our running costs down,” said Sean Curtis.

Specifying a three-metre wheelbase and using its own design, deep tipper bodies means Little Loads UDs deliver a payload of six-tonnes and it made the most of its advantage by delivering bigger loads and reducing the number of trips up and down the often steep climbs into the Darling Ranges.

“Using the UDs with this configuration has really set a benchmark for the industry and as a result a lot of our opponents have now followed our lead by switching to UD,” said Sean.

The performance of the Little Loads UD MK 150s was so good that the company extended its normal changeover mark of 200,000km to 350,000km and naturally replaced the originals with MK 175s, which are still on fleet.

“Our trucks work very hard, there is a lot of hill work up and down the escarpment along the Darling Ranges so to get an extra 150,000 km out of them is a testament to the reliability and engineering of the UDs,” said Sean.

In addition to the two UD MK 175 tippers on fleet at Little Loads, Paul Curtis turned to UD when he required a heavy-duty truck for tipper-dog work in his landscape materials manufacturing business, Pure Earth.

“We chose a UD CW 385 fitted with a tipper and four axle dog and we use it for bulk mulch deliveries and it has worked extremely well,” said Sean Curtis.

“Like the MKs the CW has been extremely economical and fuel efficient and very reliable and the switch has also meant we have standardised our fleet with one truck brand which has advantages with parts and also in terms of our relationship with the dealer.”

“AV Truck Sales, the local dealer here in Perth, has been absolutely fantastic, nothing is too much trouble and the service has been terrific,” he said.

“We have been dealing with AVs for many years and we have built up a great relationship with them and I envisage that continuing on for a long time to come,” he concluded.

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