Best Japanese prime mover in Australia!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 | Print

After a difficult 330km test drive, Diesel’s Steve Brooks has awarded UD Trucks’ GW 26 420 Quon the highest honour as the best Japanese Prime mover in the Australian market.

This accurate, in-depth and informative five page article gives readers a blow-by-blow account of the 420’s outstanding performance on the demanding 330km test drive up the 10 per cent grade of the Toowoomba Range, over the top to Warwick and down the steep and twisting Cunninghams Gap.

Steve credited the smooth drive of the truck, loaded to 39-tonne in single trailer configuration, to the clever integration of the new GH11 engine and the ESCOT V transmission.

The article also touched on the robust design of the new heavy duty Quester range, which was launched in Bangkok at the end of last month. This new range will only be sold into the Asia Pacific region.

Click here to download the full article. 

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