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UD Delivers For Major Container Transport Operator

Friday, 31 August 2007 | Print

UD Trucks is helping one of Australia’s leading container transport companies to drive a major expansion of its operations in a period of massive growth in container movements through major Australian ports.

Operating a fleet of more than 40 UD CW445 prime movers hauling container skels, ACFS has operations in terminals at Port Botany in Sydney, Port Melbourne and the Port of Brisbane and will add a further six heavy duty UDs to the fleet over the next month.

ACFS commenced operations in December 2005 and in less than two years has built a container transport business employing more than 200 personnel across its three operational hubs, shifting more than 100,000 TEU (Twenty foot Equivalent Units) of freight each year.

The key Australian ports and container terminals have been experiencing enormous growth of around 10 to 15 percent a year in recent times which has driven demand with transport operators like ACFS.

Managing director, Arthur Tzaneros, says that a long and successful association with UD trucks over the past 17 years meant that when ACFS was established in 2005 they became the first choice as preferred truck supplier.

“It is simple, UDs have always been reliable, cost effective, economical to run and never break down,” said Mr Tzaneros.

“We owned and operated Smith Bros for many years until we sold the business to P&O in 2001, and we first bought UD for container operations in the early 1990s,” he said.

“They proved to be exceptional and when we re-entered the industry and started up ACFS we decided to align ourselves with a single truck manufacturer as our preferred supplier and UD was the automatic choice,” he added.

As well as offering a more reliable and cost effective truck Mr Tzaneros says that the UD fleet has proved to be immensely popular with company drivers who appreciate the comfort and ergonomics, a factor which has also helped the company attract higher calibre drivers.

“The fact that we have a new fleet of UDs has been a major factor in ACFS being able to attract drivers, and in particularly quality drivers, in what is a very difficult labour market,” said Mr Tzaneros.

The ACFS UDs operate in a number of configurations ranging from single trailers to B Doubles and will shortly start using Super B Doubles.

“We operate primarily in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne which given the traffic conditions are pretty tough environments for any truck but the UDs cope with anything we throw at them and never have a problem.

“Quite frankly, I consider the UDs to be the best local trucks in the market whether they are hauling a light load or a heavy one,” he added.

“UDs have also proved far more fuel efficient than other trucks which in the current climate of volatile fuel prices is a vital factor in maintaining costs,” said Mr Tzaneros.

ACFS specialises in large volume contracted clients and has been very successful in winning major tenders as a result of its focus on customer service and the use of the latest Information technology.

“The key is our experience and the fact that we ensure that our customers receive the best possible service,” said Mr Tzaneros.

“This is a family business and we bring many years of experience in the container transport industry so our clients know they can depend on us, which is similar to our relationship with UD, we can depend on their trucks and they deliver excellent service,” he added.

ACFS’ close relationship with UD has seen the container transport operator involved in testing new, yet to be released, models in real world conditions as well as delivering vital engineering feedback to UD engineers.

“We work our trucks very hard and the engineers at UD appreciate our feedback and it all helps to ensure we get even better trucks in the future, we are quite happy to provide our feedback and help,” he concluded.

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