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UD Gives Steel City Some Solid Reliability

Tuesday, 22 May 2007 | Print

UD Trucks have enabled one of Perth’s leading steel suppliers to reduce running costs and dramatically improve reliability since switching from a leading European brand almost two years ago.

Di Candilo Steel City operates a fleet of five UDs including two CW385 prime movers and three PK 265 rigids, delivering steel throughout the WA capital and to nearby rural areas.

The decision to buy UD has been an unqualified success as the company has expanded its fleet from one truck to five over the past two years with another on the way.

The switch to UD came after a horror reliability stretch with a European brand that convinced company principal John Di Candilo that there had to be a better way to move the Steel City’s product.

“We needed reliable trucks that weren’t going to let us down after a bad run with another brand so we looked around and the specifications of the UDs looked the best,” said John Di Candilo.

“The attitude of the dealer here in Perth AV Truck Services was also a major consideration, they spent extra time making sure we had the right trucks for the job and it was certainly the right decision, which is why we now have five trucks and we’re looking for another,” he said.

“Admittedly the WA economy is booming and we have had to keep up with demand however we couldn’t have done it without reliable trucks,” he added.

“Having UD trucks on fleet has also enabled us to attract good drivers to the fleet, when we told our best candidate for a driving job that we operated a UD fleet he jumped at the offer and is extremely happy to be driving one of our CW385 semis,” he said.

Steel City’s machinery manager Sam Vaccaro says the UD fleet has been exceptionally reliable and economical to run despite constantly being loaded to maximum legal weight and working hard all day.

“The only reason they have been near a workshop is for regular oil changes and service which is in stark contrast to our previous truck which spent more time off the road than on,” said Sam.

“The economy has been exceptional with the PKs returning up to 2.75 km to the litre fully laden and the drivers love the comfort and quietness of the cabs,” he added.

Sam Vaccaro’s comments were backed up by one of Steel City’s long serving drivers, John Stillisano who declared the CW385 he regularly steers to be the most comfortable and easiest truck he has driven.

“I have been driving for a number of years and the UDs are by far the best trucks I have been involved with, they are comfortable, easy to drive and very stable,” said Stillisano.

“They have excellent pulling power and quite frankly they are bullet proof, lets face it there is nothing more frustrating than having to wait around for your truck when it is laid up in the workshop with problems but if you can jump in every morning and get the job done then you feel good about the truck you have a more positive attitude,” he said.

Di Candilo Steel City is one of WA’s biggest independent steel suppliers and has been operating in the steel business since 1952 when John Di Candilo’s father George established a scrap metal business.

The company moved into new steel supplies in 1973 when John Di Candilo came onboard and expanded the business.

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