UD shines at the Brisbane Road Show

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 | Print

The Brisbane Truck Show is the biggest trucking event in the country, and in 2013, UD Trucks took the opportunity to show that they’re leading the way in the future of Australian road transport.

If you’ve never been to the Brisbane Truck Show, you’re missing out on a treat. Everywhere you go in the enormous hall you find trucks of every shape and size, from delivery vans to towering prime movers, all polished to a mirror-finish, while around them, thousands of people of all ages throng the stands.

There’s fierce competition between manufacturers of course, but this year, UD Trucks took the opportunity to make not just one big statement, but a whole bunch of them.

“We wanted to make a big impact this year,” says Jon McLean, Vice President UD Truck Sales, “and I believe we succeeded. Certainly if the number of people walking around wearing UD ninja headbands was anything to go by, the stand made a big impact!”

On the Thursday night of the Truck Show, UD Trucks launched their New Quon Range, showcasing the new Quon 420 Prime Mover and Quon 380 Tipper.

“We’ve been bringing strong, high-performance trucks into Australia for forty years now,” says Jon, “and the new Quon carries this tradition into new areas for us. A lot of customers who might previously have bought their prime movers elsewhere will now be looking to the Quon, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a truck into two new horsepower segments.”

Joining the two new Quon models on the stand were the Quon GW 26 470 , the Condor PK 17 280  and the Condor MK 11 250.

“A lot of our customers have requirements ranging from lightweight urban distribution interstate line haul,” says Jon, “and taken together, these trucks enable us to service all of those requirements. This launch was a big moment for UD Trucks.”

There was more than just new trucks on display though, with UD introducing its new ‘UD Solution’ aftersales package. The package covers all aspects of a truck’s continuing operation, including extended warranties, roadside assistance, a country-wide support network, service agreements, driver training, telematics, total ownership cost calculator and genuine parts and service.

“Getting the right truck is obviously important,” says Jon, “but just as important is keeping it in optimal condition so it’s always out there on the road working. The UD Solution package brings together ideas and technologies that have been trialled around the world, and it’s just one example of the benefits of being part of a global group.”

The idea behind UD Solution is that customers have a one-stop shop manned by experts who know the UD technology inside-out.

“Predictability is one of the hardest things to get in the transport industry,” says Jon, “but when we asked our customers they told us that predictability is what they wanted more than anything else. UD Solution delivers just that. With this package you know your service schedule and maintenance costs in advance, you know that you’re getting the best parts and service available, and you know you’ve got the expertise and backing of UD behind you.

“Take driver training for instance. Many operators wouldn’t think about that, but it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut your fuel consumption. We have customers shaving between 5 and 10% off their fuel costs on every journey. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got one truck or a fleet of several hundred, you can see how that’s going to add up to a big saving.”

Another big announcement at the Truck Show was the new UD Trucks Finance offer, with packages from as little as 1.95% over a three-year term for the new Quon series ordered and financed before July 31, 2013.

“We understand that a lot of people are doing it tough right now,” says Jon, “so we wanted to find a way to get them into a new Quon without the heartache. This will give a lot of operators, who might otherwise have held off, the chance to upgrade their fleets to a safer, more efficient truck that has the latest technology.”

The response at the show was overwhelmingly positive, with many operators expressing particular interest in how the UD Solution package would integrate with the Quon’s reduced service interval.

“The new Quon has a completely new driveline based on group-wide technology and specifically-designed to keep whole-of-life costs down,” says Jon. “You can immediately see the impact this has when you look at the service interval. Depending on your application, you can extend the service interval from once every 25,000 km to once every 60,000 km. Let’s say your truck is doing 250,000 km in a year, that’s just four services instead of ten.”

All in all, UD trucks shined at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show, and set a new standard to which the competition will have to rise.

“With our new models, UD Solution and our highly-competitive finance packages, we certainly had a lot of interest at the Truck Show in 2013,” says, Jon, “it was a great pleasure for me to see our trucks on display because I know they’re the best thing we’ve ever offered. Now I’m looking forward the UD Road Show!”

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