The curves of the All New Quon

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Whether you’re speaking about whisky or trucks, the Japanese are the masters of superior craftsmanship. It’s a point that’s been proven at the Japanese Good Design Awards where UD Trucks’ took out the honours for their flagship heavy duty truck, the New Quon.

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The interior and exterior of the New Quon are styled on the UD Trucks design philosophy:  smart and modern while truly reflecting innovation that puts people first.

Experts are saying the sleek and innovative design of the newest truck on Australian shores could be just what drivers need be to lured back into the seat and the industry.

UD Australia Vice President of Sales Mark Strambi acknowledged that today’s driver has a focus on dependability, and an awareness of both function and form.

“Driver shortage is a global consideration so it is fundamental that our newest trucks are a pleasant place for drivers to be. The characterful interior of the New Quon is attractive, comfortable and functional, appealing to both experienced and fresh faces to the industry.”

Japanese craft

The design of the New Quon proudly emphasizes UD’s Japanese origins, reflecting the traditional UD hexagon that consists of six aspects: Tough, Smart, Distinctive, Harmonized, Caring and Supportive.

UD Trucks Product Design Director Toshio Shiratori led the team who designed the striking and stylish New Quon.

“The existing Quon interior was well liked and we wanted to retain what customers admired about it while improving it functionally and aesthetically. The newly styled cabin interior is an intrinsic part of the unmatched driving experience provided at the wheel of All New Quon.”

The highlights

The new interior displays a contrast of energy and harmony typical of Japan, and perfectly matches the new exterior design.

“The general shape of the dashboard and the shape of each detail, the way they interact with each other, have been designed to provide a feeling of harmony. We also reworked the materials, their texture, their colors and the contrasts to create a harmonious and high quality feeling,” said Shiratori.  

With countless distractions on the road, the design team focused on simplifying the interface of the cabin – focusing on every detail that might take the driver’s eye off the road.

Ergonomics was an important consideration to achieve this goal.

“The new simpler ESCOT lever is a good example. The different switches are now regrouped close to the driver. There was a lot of work on the new UDIS display, in front of the driver’s eyes, and the steering wheel mounted commands.”

Every detail reflects the quality and the accurate and precise feel of driving the New Quon.

“We arranged two multi-use pockets for the driver to put various small items and attach their smart phone to their favorite position. We also worked on the access, adding a new handle to make it easier for drivers to get in and out of the truck,” explained Shiratori.

The jury’s verdict

Comments from the Good Design Awards judging panel repay the soul and passion that went into designing the latest UD Trucks’ model.

Judges acknowledged the functional interior, simplified to relieve additional stresses that can impact on the driver.

With the important consideration of driver shortage and aging populations, judges were impressed with the lower floor level of the vehicle, making entry and exit easier and providing better downward visibility

Safety is always a key consideration in good design, with the advanced safety technologies such as Driver Alert Support and Advanced Emergency Brake System highlighted by the judging panel.

UD Trucks’ New Quon is positioned to support society through the advancing requirements of the transport industry and will redefine the Japanese truck market in Australia.

“When design focuses on driver comfort, smarter fuel efficiency and improved safety, the experience for all Australian drivers will continue to improve,” said Strambi

Discover the New Quon range
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