UD Trucks Launches Light-Duty CONDOR Truck (1.15–1.5 Ton Load Capacity) Compliant with 2010 Emissions Regulations

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 | Print

UD Trucks Corporation (formerly Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd., President: Satoru Takeuchi) has developed a light-duty CONDOR truck (1.15–1.5 ton load capacity) with new diesel engine and other modifications to comply with Japan’s 2010 emissions regulations and improve fuel efficiency. The vehicle goes on sale throughout Japan on December 21, 2011

The new light-duty CONDOR truck (1.15–1.5 ton load capacity) complies with the 2010 emissions regulations on reduced nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions through modifications to the ZD30DDTi engine used on existing vehicles. PM emissions are actually 30 percent lower than the regulatory requirements. Together with these engine modifications, UD Trucks has also incorporated new measures to improve fuel efficiency, resulting in the achievement of Japan’s 2015 fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles.*1

As a result of these improvements, the new CONDOR truck has been certified as a low-emission vehicle (excellent low-emission vehicle under 2009 standards) by Tokyo and three other prefectures and five cities.*2

*1 Excludes four-wheel drive vehicles
*2 Excludes four-wheel drive vehicles

1. Main Characteristics

(1) To comply with the 2010 emissions regulations, UD Trucks has:


lowered the engine’s compression ratio to achieve better combustion and reduce friction;



introduced a common-rail fuel injection system that achieves higher fuel injection pressure; and



increased the capacity of the oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter to generate cleaner emissions.

(2) To achieve the 2015 fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles (excluding four-wheel drive vehicles), UD Trucks has:


introduced low-tension piston rings to optimize piston clearance, decrease friction, and thereby reduce engine load;



switched over to a new fuel injection device that achieves finer atomization, boosting combustion efficiency and reducing fuel consumption; and



modified the transmission gears*3 and final drive gears*4 to widen gear ratios and achieve higher overall gearing, helping the vehicle to save fuel.




*3 Vehicles equipped with a five-speed manual transmission or six-speed automated manual transmission


*4 Vehicles with a double cab and single tires with low aspect ratio

2. Pricing

Recommended retail prices for the Tokyo area


Maximum engine output


Price in yen excluding consumption tax

Price in yen including consumption tax



Single cab, wooden body
with standard dimensions,
maximum load of 1.5 tons,
super-low platform,
small-diameter double tires,
two-wheel drive, five-speed
manual transmission





Single cab, short steel body, 
maximum load of 1.5 tons,
full super-low platform,
single tires with low aspect
ratio, two-wheel drive,
six-speed automated manual transmission



3. Sales Targets for Japan


Total for Condor light-duty truck (1-ton class payload) compliant with emission regulations introduced in 2010 (“Post New Long-term” regulations). 200 units / year

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