Highlights of UD Trucks’ Exhibition at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show Exhibition Theme: “This is UD Trucks”

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UD Trucks Corporation (formerly Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd.; President: Satoru Takeuchi) will exhibit three vehicles (two heavy-duty trucks and one medium-duty truck) along with four engines under the theme of “This is UD Trucks” at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 to be held in early December at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Koto Ward, Tokyo).

“This is UD Trucks” expresses our company’s persistent efforts to improve technologies and strengthen relationships based on the company motto of “Ultimate Dependability” as well as our commitment to offering reliable products and services from the customers’ perspective based on a full understanding of our customers’ operations. The services and products displayed at the exhibition highlight this philosophy.

1. Overview of Major Exhibits



Vehicle exhibits

Heavy-duty truck for domestic market: Quon (Wing)



Our newest heavy-duty truck for the domestic market, Quon (Wing) is synonymous with low emissions because it adopts “FLENDS,” the urea SCR system that reduces NOx and PM by combining urea SCR with ultra-high pressure fuel injection technology.


Powered by the GH11 engine (11 liters in total emission, 380 hp).


Fitted with “ESCOT-V (five),” a two-pedal mechanical computerized transmission for superior fuel-efficient driving, the “ECONOMY E・D” function that enables low engine torque, and the “ESCOT ROLL” function that saves necessary fuel for reacceleration.


Equipped with a multipurpose display that automatically transmits information related to fuel-efficient driving, vehicle status, and travel conditions.


Equipped with the “Traffic Eye Brake” system (collision damage reduction brake) to assist in emergencies.



Heavy-duty truck for overseas market: Quon (Tractor)

This is the Middle Eastern model of Quon which is compliant with Euro III regulations.

Powered by the GH13 engine (13 liters in total emission, 410 hp).

Complies with environmental regulations and features improved fuel economy with added power performance through a unit injector for increased fuel injection pressure.

Various cab configurations for domestic models featuring convenience, comfort, and safety, such as its multiple-display monitor inside the combination meter, the new-shaped air suspension seat, and the knee protector.

Quon, the new global flagship for heavy-duty trucks.




Medium-duty truck: Condor MK (Wing)

Condor, the newest medium-duty truck for the domestic market, underwent a full model change in July 2011 and adopted a new cab design that has a similar feel to the heavy-duty truck Quon.

Powered by the GH5 engine (5 liters in total emission, 215 hp).

Significantly enhanced cabin space to improve comfort and secure a wide direct field of vision.

Equipped with the urea SCR system “FLENDS” to reduce NOx and PM.

Equipped with a multipurpose display that automatically transmits information related to fuel-efficient driving, vehicle status, and travel conditions.

Boasts the ISS (Idling Stop System) to enhance fuel-saving driving


Adopts the EHS (Easy Hill Start) for improving safety on hill starts.

Engine exhibits

GH5 engine and GH7 engine

The GH5 and GH7 engines for the domestic market are developed and produced by UD Trucks specifically for middle-class trucks. They have been designated as a platform for middle-class engines and are commonly used by the Volvo Group.

Adopts the newly developed common rail to increase maximum fuel injection pressure; ensures low emissions, friction reduction, and computerized optimization of the engine overall to improve fuel economy.

Demonstrates flat and strong torque in a range from low to high rotation to improve power performance at time of start and high-speed driving.


Engine name




4-cycle diesel engine/water-cooled direct injection system

Number of Cylinders
Bore×Stroke (mm)



Displacement (ℓ)



Max. Gross Output (kW(PS)/rpm)



Max. Gross Torque



GH11 engine and GH13 engine

The GH11 and GH13 engines blend the Volvo Group’s excellent basic engine technology and UD Truck’s superior adaptive technology. These engines are installed in the Quon for the domestic market.




Adopts the lightweight, high-performance VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) which has high output and torque at an extremely low rotation to improve power performance.


Adopts a newly developed unit injector which increases the maximum fuel injection pressure to improve combustion efficiency, and also achieves low emission and weight reduction to improve fuel economy.


The two-pedal mechanical-computerized transmission “ESCOT-V (five)” provided with the GH11 engine achieves both power and economy in a wide variety of driving scenarios by increasing driving performance at low speeds at time of start and reducing engine speeds in high gear at cruising speeds.


“ESCOT-V” has no clutch pedal and does not require a driver to perform clutch operations from start to stop in forward or backward driving, thus decreasing driver fatigue.










Engine name




4-cycle diesel engine/water-cooled direct injection system

Number of Cylinders
Bore×Stroke (mm)



Displacement (ℓ)



Max. Gross Output 



Max. Gross Torque






2.List of Exhibits (Star indicates photo attached.)







Heavy-duty trucks

Quon (Wing) for domestic market

Quon (Tractor) for overseas market

Medium-duty truck

Condor MK (Wing)


GH5 engine

GH7 engine

GH11 engine with ESCOT-V

GH13 engine

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