4 reasons why the Condor is the reliable choice for Borg Manufacturing

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

“I truly believe buying the right truck to keep the team happy and motivated will pay off for the business.”- Michael Borg, Managing Director of Borg Manufacturing

Borg Manufacturing is a family run business that specialises in providing chip board and laminate products for the kitchen industry. The brothers behind the success, Michael and John Borg, take pride in their nationwide growth within the kitchen industry. The company has built a fleet of 155 vehicles, each vehicle part of a complex delivery schedule to ensure maximum efficiency.

Borg Manufacturing has previously purchased with UD Trucks and was confident with the brand’s quality. Borg Manufacturing has since relied on UD Trucks saying they have had no problems for three years, describing the truck to be ‘almost bullet proof’. Borg Manufacturing relies on the 6x2 PD 24 280 get goods to their customers on deadline and recently took delivery of 10 new models.

1. Condor trucks are perfect for short hauls

The condor range, such as the PD 24 280, are great for short-hauls in metro areas.

Michael believes that the condor is “the right choice for the short-haul work we do,” Michael said, “They give us the best mixture of flexibility and load volume.”

2. Heavy-Duty Condor means a larger payload

The heavy duty condor has a GVM a lot higher in comparison to other condors in the range making the PD 24 280 stand out. Borg Manufacturing wanted a truck that would “look after cargo first”.

“We always run close to maximum payloads, so keeping the vehicle as light as possible to increase productivity, without compromising reliability is where UD has been traditionally strong,” Michael said.

3. Driver Comfort in the standard offer

The Condor provides a number of luxuries in their standard truck offer including air-suspended seats, multiple safety features and latest in-dash multimedia unit with GPS and Bluetooth capabilities.

Borg Manufacturing relies on the ergonomic cab comfort to keep their drivers happy which in-turn increases productivity. Michael says, “Our drivers appreciate those features as a sign of trust and appreciation.”

4. Cost Efficient

“A lot of people say it can’t be worth running our own truck fleet, but with our model, we actually make money,” Michael said, “So we must be doing something right.”