Five reasons why the UD Condor is the ideal truck for Hertz Karma Car and Truck Rentals

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

David Baillieu has owned Karma Car and Truck Rentals Hertz franchise for 12 years. It has five locations across Brisbane and also supplies a commercial fleet to the airports at Gold Coast and Brisbane. Baillieu has every reason to be happy with his growing fleet of UD trucks.

Hertz use UD Trucks Medium Duty Range

Karma Car and Truck Rentals owner David Baillieu has a long history with UD Trucks. He was part of the Hertz network of vehicle rentals for a decade before he bought into the franchise in 2005, and he has a fleet of eight with another two on the way. In that time, he has built a strong relationship with the UD Trucks’ dealer network.

Here are five reasons why David and his General Manager Greg Solomon, who is no stranger to car rentals with three decades in the business, believe that the UD Trucks’ Condor range is the right fit for Karma Hertz for its short-term rentals and long-term leases.

1. Reliability and easy

Top of the list for rentals is putting clients into a vehicle that is characterised by reliability, comfort and ease. David says that the UD trucks ticks all these boxes. “We like the UD Trucks product because the reliability and serviceability, and the driver comfort is especially good. They are reliable, and touch wood we haven’t had any major problems with them. They are just a very ergonomic, easy truck to drive,” he says. Greg adds that, “Our customers have a preference for them as well. They know the reliability of the truck.”

2. Multiple applications

Karma’s truck clients come from a range of industries, so the UDs need to fulfill a wide range of applications. Whether the truck is required for a couple of days or a few years, whether it is for a furniture removalist looking to get through a spike in work or a contractor delivering beverages up and down the coast, Greg says that UD is flexible at customer requests. Greg says, “Our customer base might include a sub-contractor who works for a courier company and he might have a broken down truck and needs something for a day or two, or even up to a few weeks. Removalist companies might pick up one because they have a heavy workload and they might get it for a week.”

3. After-sales service

Trucks on the road equals money coming into the company, so building effective service relationships are important. Greg describes UD Trucks’s after-sales service as “second to none” and has been impressed with their pro-active approach. Greg said, “Obviously our trucks need to be on the road or they are not making any money, so we don’t want to see them. If there’s a service issue or mechanical issue, UD Trucks are very pro-active in getting the job done as quickly as possible,” David added, “This is something we don’t find with other manufacturers.”

4. Durability

Longevity and toughness sit beside technological innovation to make the UD Trucks’ Condor range one of the most durable trucks on the market. “The length of a truck’s life is generally ten years,” says David, what I like about UD is that they’re not just durable, they are one of the most sophisticated in terms of being up to date in the technology that goes into the truck,” says David.

5. Re-sale value

Coming to the end of a financing period means being able to have options. For David, re-sale value is important and he is confident that the UDs will hold their value over the long term. “We will definitely get a good price when we go to sell them,” says David, adding that Karma Hertz typically turns over its trucks around the six year mark. “We tend to do a four or five-year lease and hold onto it for another year or two to get the cream at the end.” Hertz Karma Car have a wide range of UD Trucks’ Condor models including PD 24 280, PK 17 280 and PK 16 250.