“It’s our best product and service offer ever”

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

“The new Quon is the largest project this company has taken on. Our UD Trucks engineering and testing experts have dedicated millions of engineering hours and testing kilometers, to optimize the UD vehicles as well as developing UD’s own ingenious solutions."

That is the background of our new pPNLT heavy duty truck, the new Quon.

UD Trucks has always been the challenger truck manufacturer in the market, developing smart and modern solutions for each era. From the development of the iconic UD engine, which was the strongest in Japan and later also was exported to the US, to the legendary 6TW, which lead the reconstruction of Japan after the devastating consequences of the WWII. In more recent times, in 1995 UD introduced the industry-leading ESCOT, introducing the Japanese heavy vehicles industry to automatic gearboxes already 20 years ago. And not to forget, with the introduction of Quon, we launched the world’s first SCR solution, an initiative with the environment in mind.

Let me here mention a few words about our founder Kenzo Adachi, who is as relevant to UD Trucks today as he was over 80 years ago. He was not a rich man, nor did he have the backing of a big corporation or keiretsu. To be frank, he really only had three things back in 1935: his vision, his skills and his determination. This is also very much the spirit of our company today, all geared to make the trucks that the world needs today.

The new Quon also follows his spirit. It’s our best product and service offer ever. To be the challenger brings you a certain sense of humbleness. There is a very human side of UD Trucks. We will always maintain our humble and friendly approach towards our customers. We are building on our own merits as a Japanese truck manufacturer and our proud UD heritage of passion for engineering, manufacturing and passion for our customers.

From UD Trucks, you can expect in the years to come to get the latest in connected smart service solutions from us. We have had a telematics solution as standard in all heavy-duty trucks sold since 2010. Based on the Volvo Group common architecture and shared technology; we developed a unique truck for our customers. It’s a milestone, a stick in the ground, a game changer for our climb of Mt Fuji.

Kishi Nobuhiko, Senior Vice President, UD Trucks Brand Communication & Product

Kishi Nobuhiko will visit the Brisbane Truck Show and speak at TRUCK Talks on the 1.20 pm and 2.40 pm on the 25th of May at stand 72.