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Service Agreements

Why take the risk with anything else?

At UD Trucks we understand that productivity counts because your truck is your business.

Therefore, with UD Trucks Service Agreements our aim is to keep your business on the road and ultimately maximise your profits. A UD Trucks Service Agreement gives you an optimum service solution that will meet all the technical maintenance requirements of your truck. With a choice of three programs - UD Trust Basic, UD Trust Extra and UD Trust Ultimate -  your dealer will work with you to choose a Service Agreement that best suits your needs.

Know your costs today and in the future
UD Trucks Service Agreements offer your business total cost control, making it easier to achieve your target income and healthy profit margin. There are no surprises or unexpected expenses, just a simple fixed* monthly cost that you know in advance.

More hours on the road

With well planned services suited to your business, UD Trucks together with UD Genuine Parts, ensure that your truck will spend more time on the road earning you money.

Protected from the unexpected
During a routine maintenance service, UD Trucks aim to identify and inform you of any necessary repairs before expensive damages occur.

Peace of mind
UD Trucks Service Agreements provide you with the peace of mind that your vehicle will receive only the best of care. Your truck will be handled by factory trained technicians who only use UD Genuine Parts.

Ultimate convenience
A UD Trucks Service Agreement means you can spend less time maintaining your fleet and more time running your business and making a profit. With less service administration and everything available under the one roof, UD Trucks keeps your convenience in mind by providing the right service at the right time.

Programs suited to your needs
All service programs offer the ability to include additional options to meet your specific business needs. UD Trucks will examine your transport application, operating conditions and annual mileage in order to develop a personalised Service Schedule. Your Service Schedule will ensure maximum performance and reliability of your vehicle, while protecting your investment and minimising operating costs.

Satisfaction guarantee
You decide how long the agreement will last and can choose to terminate the program at any time, at no extra cost.**

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