Fleet Max Plus - Technology


The Fleet Management System developed and supported locally for Australian conditions. 

Vehicle Monitoring and Security

  • Weekly health check 
  • Coverage of national roads 
  • 12 months complimentary data when factory installed. 
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring via the web 
  • Request vehicle position 
  • Live internet tracking via GPRS 
  • GPS tracking 

Driver Monitoring 

  • Driving violations report 
  • Driver score reports 
  • Driver profiling 
  • Geofencing: customised geofencing including sites and roads 

Fleet Productivity 

  • Violation notifications 
  • Vehicle usage reports 
  • Automated reports and reminders 

Vehicle Utilisation and Efficiency 

  • Time at location reports 
  • Mileage monitoring 

Your Telematics Device 

Fleet Max Plus supports your operation: 

  • Measures fuel and driver efficiency to improve return on investment 
  • Combines state of the art self-monitoring and tracking 
  • Accurately pinpoints the current location of your vehicle 
  • Provides 24 hour online access 
  • Designed for commercial vehicles

To learn more about Fleet Max Plus, download the brochure here.

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