Protection Plan

Protection Plan

Extended Warranty 

The UD Trucks Extended Protection Plan offers you total peace of mind in owning a new UD Truck. The Extended Protection Plan is available across the UD Trucks range and must be purchased within 60 days of the original delivery date of the vehicle. The plan is fully transferable between owners, therefore enhancing your truck’s resale value.  Repairs are to be carried out by an authorised UD Trucks dealer or their nominated agent. The plan covers all listed major component parts and labour so there are no hidden outlays.

 9 components covered:

  • Engine: All internally lubricated components, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbocharger, flywheel housing and oil cooler.
  • Clutch: Pressure plate.
  • Manual Transmission: Internal components (except synchronisers and oil seals).
  • Automatic Transmission: Internal components (except normal wear and tear, clutch packs and seals).
  • Propeller Shaft: Shaft tube, yoke and flange (except universal joint and centre bearings).
  • Front axle: All parts (except king pins and bushes).
  • Rear axle: Rear axle housing.
  • Differential: All internal parts (except oil seals).
  • Chassis: Chassis rails and cross members.

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