All-new cab design


The Condor models powered by the GH7 engine achieve high levels of power and torque. This is a result of refined technology, combining efficient combustion chamber design and high pressure common rail unit injection. Our SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emission reduction technologies enable the PW to deliver excellent fuel economy and responsible environmental performance. All the Condor models meet, Euro 5 emission standards to ADR 80/03.

UD’s GH7, 7 litre, 6 cylinder uses advanced High pressure common rail injection, intercooled Turbo and SCR technology to improve fuel economy.  Horsepower and torque 206kW / 883Nm giving you a refined and efficient transport solution. 




The PW 24 280 introduces the heavy duty Gen 5 Allison 3500 series 6 speed Automatic. Featuring lower starting gear ratios and improved gradeability this transmission is ideally suited to applications where higher levels of torque are required. With PTO (power take-off) capabilities for varying applications.

Allison 3500 series transmission features Electronic Brake Interface technology, EBI. This technology provides additional Engine braking assistance by controlling transmission downshifting during deceleration to increase Engine brake efficiency under all conditions when the Engine exhaust brake is activated. 

Suspension options

UD Trucks PW24 280 uses Long taper leaf springs with double acting Shock absorbers on the front, while the rear rides on a choice of UD Trucks 6 rod trunion leaf suspension or the versatile Hendrickson HAS 460 air bag suspension. 

FUPS & Cab Strength 

FUPS is designed to ensure the safety features fitted to passenger cars, such as air bags and crumple zones, are deployed during a front-on collision with a heavy vehicle.

UD Trucks achieve the high level of cab strength required to meet ADR and ECE-R29 certification, when integrated with FUPS, this allows an increase to the legal Front axle limit raising allowable GVM by an extra 500 kg. 

Saftey Features


At UD Trucks safety is an important part of our business, so the PW range has a full air brake system, including full automatic adjusting drum brakes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). 

ABS enables drivers to maintain steering control under severe braking conditions in emergency or low traction conditions. PW models feature a Wabco four channel ABS system.

InterAxle Diff Lock (IADL) and Driver Control Diff Lock (DCDL).

These features combined give the driver greater control of the rear drive axles by providing improved levels or traction and torque distribution in circumstances where road conditions are unfavorable. 

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