Reliability and genuine performance

The GW range has built a reputation for reliability and genuine performance in a variety of applications, including the Container industry, tipper and dog work for Excavation companies, and with single trailer Metro interstate transport fleets and Skip companies.

  • Front Under-Run Protection System (FUPS) and a 6.5t front axle capacity as standard.
  • 13 litre, 6 cylinder turbo* diesel improve fuel economy by approximately 10% over an equivalent EGR engine.


UD's technology will remain fundamentally the same through the Euro 6 update. Our Quon GW leaf spring rear suspension; a six-rod trunion suspension with superior articulation. The Road Friendly Suspension (RFS) airbag systems are available on all models. Utilizing a two bag, full floating Hendrickson HAS460 suspension system or on the GW400 Long an electronically controlled UD Trucks four or eight bag system.

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