The New QUON CWB6B launched in Indonesia

Monday, June 4, 2012 | Print

Jakarta, INDONESIA: UD Trucks has launched The New QUON CWB6B that replaces UD Trucks' previous model, the CWB 45, at United Tractors headquarter, Jakarta.

The new flagship product, offering new technology on fuel efficiency, and enhanced safety features and new modern interior, is a state of the art technology uniquely designed to withstand Indonesia’s heaviest terrain, specifically adjusted for mining purposes.

“The New QUON CWB6B is the first milestone of the UD Trucks brand journey in Indonesia,” said Pierre Jean Verge-Salamon, The Managing Director of UD Trucks Indonesia.

The New QUON CWB6B is completed with class chassis structure and new power train GH13 engine. Another key enhancement of the new model is its highly refined solid surrounding, providing far better sense of security for drivers to concentrate on their driving. Fatigue is also significantly reduced with the new design, a highly important feature in hard mining operation.

With wider flat torque range, The New QUON CWB6B gives drivers sufficient traction and “easy to drive” feeling. This feature also significantly improves the new model’s fuel consumption efficiency, in which the combination of flat torque, ultra high pressure multiple injection, and gear box with over drive ratio resulting in an improved fuel efficiency compared to the previous model, UD CWB45.

UD Trucks‘ latest model is powered by the latest generation of inline 6 cylinder, turbo intercooler - GH13/Euro3 global engine, a new engine technology that can produce up to 367ps (270 kw) of power and 1754Nm of torque at 950-1.450 rpm. Such engine has been redesigned to boost the vehicle‘s performance with greater fuel efficiency, and therefore, reduced environmental footprint. 

Inside the newly designed cabin, ease of use and comfort for the driver are significantly enhanced for the quality and safety of transportation. This is why The New QUON CWB6B is completed with round cockpit, new interior and storage place. The cabin structure is specifically designed with driver safety in mind, completed with SAFES cabin feature (Safety and Friendly Evaluate System) to contain stronger floor panel, door side beam, and stronger door frame.

Together with the launching of The New QUON CWB6B, UD Trucks will also offer its proud Indonesian customers with the UD Trucks Genuine oil, engine oil specifically designed to work in harmony with UD trucks. 

For further information contact:

Harijadi Mawardi 
Truck Division General Manager, PT United Tractors Tbk 
Mobile: +62 815 111 01959