Quester – a new heavy duty truck platform meeting customers’ needs

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Quester is the first in a new generation of UD Trucks specifically developed for the world of heavy-duty transportation. It provides a platform for a wide range of applications, including long haul, distribution, construction and mining.

Quester is also UD Trucks’ most cost-efficient truck to date for meeting customers’ demands in evolving markets. The truck stands for a high quality level that lasts over time and facilitates easy maintainability. Furthermore, Quester offers a wide range of configurations with easy body mounting, offering customers a tailored, purpose-built solution for all types of applications.

Seven Different Configurations

“One of the most obvious advantages with Quester is versatility. Quester offers users a unique experience of adaptability that is currently not available on the market”, said Taizo Matsuo, Vice President UD Trucks Product Management. Quester offers ideal axle positioning available in seven different configurations - 4×2R/T, 6×2R/T, 6×4R/T and 8×4R configurations for distribution and long haul, and 6×4R/T and 8×4R for construction and mining work. The bogie suspension on the 6x4R/T and 8x4R is designed for rough conditions and particularly suitable for construction where durability and high reliability are of the highest importance. The 6x2R/T can be provided with a bogie lifting axle which is used to lift the axle in the unladed condition.

In addition, Quester hub reduction tandem axle provides excellent durability and road clearance for the construction and mining site operation.

Proven Engine Technology

Quester’s two engine alternatives are designed with proven fuel-efficiency and superior performance for various applications. The 8-liter diesel engine (GH8E) offers excellent performance and is ideal for distribution and construction work.  The 11-liter engine (GH11E) is based on the Volvo Group’s global technology resources in combination with Japanese manufacturing quality.

GH11E provides an optional engine brake called UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB). The system uses the engine as an auxiliary braking device, improving braking safety results at higher average speeds especially in hilly landscapes and decreasing the wear of the brakes.

Strong and Flexible Chassis

A heavy-duty chassis with high flexibility and quality is one of Quester’s main characteristics. It provides a large offer of chassis layouts to give a flexible packing arrangement including different wheelbases, a range of fuel tank sizes and different exhaust directions.

With the large range of options, the Quester is able to meet legal requirements in areas such as front and side/rear under-run protector, ADR for dangerous goods carrier in different markets.

Aerodynamic Cab

Quester has the option of fitting roof and side air deflectors, both designed to minimize aerodynamic drag. The two newly designed UD trucks’ cabins provide a standard roof cab with option of on-road or construction bumper, and the high roof cab with on-road bumper.

In addition, the on-road cab comes with side an air vent on cab which also keeps the dirt of the side of the cab. The high roof sleeper cab with wider twin bunk arrangement supports efficient long haul operation in terms of resting and storage space.

Configuration overview

Configuration Max GVW/GCW (tons) Engine Type   Engine power (hp) Transmission Speed (S) Rear axle Cabin
4×2 Tractor GCW 56* 8L 280/330 9 Single reduction Standard roof High roof
11L 370/390/420 9/12
4×2 Rigid GVW 21 8L 220/250/280/330 6/9 Single reduction
6×2 TAG Tractor GCW 56* 8L 280/330 9 Single reduction
11L 370/390/420 9/12
6×2 TAG Rigid GVW 31 8L 250/280/330 6/9 Single reduction
6×4 Tractor GCW 80** 8L 280/330 9 Single/Hub reduction
11L 370/390/420 9/12
6×4 Rigid GVW 34 8L 280/330 9 Single/Hub reduction
11L 370/390/420 9/12
8×4 Rigid GVW 41 8L 280/330 9 Single/Hub reduction
11L 370/390/420 9/12

*Depending upon the typography **Depending upon the typography and rear axle

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