UD Trucks launches Quester – an all-new heavy duty truck range developed for growth markets

Monday, 26 August, 2013 | Print

On August 26, UD Trucks launched Quester in Bangkok – an all-new heavy duty truck range. With Quester, UD Trucks targets the truck markets in Asia and other fast growing regions in the world.

The all-new Quester is a complete and modern heavy duty truck platform designed to serve a wide range of applications including amongst others mining, construction, distribution and long-haul transportation. Quester is a robust, reliable, and efficient truck range combining the best of global technology and Japanese craftsmanship, sourced and manufactured close to its first targeted customers in mainland Asia.

“UD Trucks, with a proud tradition of developing high quality trucks for the Japanese market, has for a long time successfully exported trucks across markets in Asia, Africa, Middle-East and South America. However, we have previously never developed products specifically for customers outside Japan”, said Joachim Rosenberg, Chairman UD Trucks. “With Quester, UD Trucks is now entering a new era by introducing an additional truck range – designed especially for growth markets.”

Global quality designed for growth markets

Quester’s design emphasizes UD Trucks’ dedication to compete in growth markets. With Quester, UD Trucks offers an affordable vehicle that allows customization to most transport requirements, while enabling excellent fuel consumption and high average speeds. It is the first Japanese truck that can provide such a wide variety of heavy duty transport applications based on the same platform. It is also UD Trucks’ first completely built-up truck range manufactured outside Japan, leveraging expertise from both UD Trucks in Japan and the Volvo Group’s global development resources.

“More than 400 full-time experts from different nationalities with different knowledge and experience have been involved to contribute to design, develop, validate and industrialize Quester and its associated services”, said Joachim Rosenberg. “We have amongst others spent 1,500,000 engineering hours and 65,000 tests hours to ensure that Quester delivers as good in real life as when it was conceived by our skilled engineers”.

Closer to customers

UD Trucks’ customers will be supported by an extensive service network and offered a wide variety of services and UD Aftermarket support to ensure effective transport work. Strategically located and authorized UD Trucks dealerships have since some time been preparing to support Quester with an offer based on minimal operational costs, maximum fuel efficiency and uptime.

In addition to UD Aftermarket support, UD Trucks will offer a telematics system that enables breakdown assistance, preventive maintenance analysis and corrective service scheduling. “While Quester is a highly reliable solution, if a unit breaks down, our technicians can immediately identify the vehicle’s location and offer direct help no matter where they are”, said Joachim Rosenberg.

The production of Quester will ramp up during the third quarter of 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, for the South East Asian markets. Besides serving the domestic Thai market, the plant in Thailand will serve as an export hub for South East Asia and beyond. In the near future, the truck will also be manufactured in China for the Chinese market and in India for the Indian market.

More information is available on www.udtrucks.com/quester

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