High quality customer support keeping Quester on the road

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With the launch of Quester, UD Trucks will provide extensive customer service and support packages to help transport companies serve their customers. The complete UD Aftermarket Support will deliver quality and value, making sure that Quester runs in optimum condition in local markets.

“Our work starts with the UD spirit, a tradition based on understanding our customer’s situation. When we care for your vehicle you are free to focus on your core business and be confident in delivering as planned, securing the success and growth of your operations. We want to move our customer’s business the extra mile”, said Francois Bottinelli, Senior Vice President for Aftermarket at UD Trucks.

Maintain the truck on the road

Long-term cost-cutting is dependent on having proper service right from the start. By engaging UD Genuine Service, Quester’s customers can reduce unplanned stops, increase vehicle uptime and protect investment. It is performed by authorized UD Trucks workshops that have access to the most up-to-date UD Trucks tools, UD Trucks diagnostic equipment and the product quality and availability of UD Genuine Parts.

Quester provides two different UD Genuine Service agreements, Standard and Trust, to customers with the essential expertise and quality of UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts network. “UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts are the foundation of UD Trucks’ uptime offer. We’re very happy to bring customers in growth markets our extra mile uptime support”, said Francois Bottinelli.

With Quester, UD Trucks offers telematics hardware; a wireless communication tool allowing UD Trucks to collect information from the truck while it’s on the road. This allows UD Trucks to assist customers with a variety of services, including breakdown assistance, preventive maintenance analysis and corrective service scheduling. “We will introduce our telematics service on selected markets and the vehicle’s health monitoring and analysis feature will help our customer avoid costly repairs. Even if it breaks down, we are also able to diagnose and identify as soon as possible to reduce the truck’s downtime.” said Taizo Matsuo, Vice President UD Trucks Product Management.

Improve uptime

Uptime has become a key for successful companies. Through Quester’s built-in durability and easy maintainability, in combination with the coverage and professionalism of the UD Trucks dealer network, the Quester has improved uptime, which helps customers be more efficient.

A system of coil springs supports the entire cab, absorbing road shocks and vibrations. It’s a reliable and hassle-free system, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Beside this, a series of purposeful designs, such as exposed three-piece bumper and proven quality mudguards, ensures that Quester is easy to be maintained. It is essential for Quester to get maximum uptime.

Focus on drivers

The driver is the key to vehicle performance. With Quester, UD Trucks introduces the Fuel Coaching System, which can help save substantial amounts of fuel. The system gives instant feedback and assistance to the drivers to help them drive as economically as possible, whilst still maintaining average trip times.

“In combination with professional driver training we have seen fuel savings up to 30 per cent,” said Per Bruun Hansen, Driver Development Manager, UD Trucks. “But I would say that at least 10 per cent is achievable for any driver who follows the instructions.”

UD Genuine Service Agreements Overview

Standard Trust
Periodic services
Replacement of engine oil and filter
Replacement of gearbox oil
Replacement of air dryer
Replacement of fuel filter
Change of final drive oil
Periodic services
Replacement of engine oil and filter
Replacement of gearbox oil
Replacement of air dryer
Replacement of fuel filter
Change of final drive oil
Replacement of air cleaner
Adjustment of valves and unit injectors
Check of injectors
Replacement of alternator belt
Replacement of charge regulator
Change of coolant
Replacement of drive-belt for coolant pump

More information is available on www.udtrucks.com/quester

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