Quester ensures fuel-efficient transport

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Fuel cost is a major concern for all truck operators; in particular, it is a critical business factor for truck operators in growth markets. Through powertrain optimization, UD Trucks’ fuel coaching system and the cab aerodynamic design, Quester makes sure that every mile is cost-efficient and limits environmental impact.

The Quester powertrain delivers best-in-class fuel economy. The two engine alternatives – GH8E and GH11E – include a well-balanced combination of features that matter most for fuel-efficiency. The wide driveline offer gives the ability to optimize the powertrain with respect to power output, transmission and rear axle ratio. “A well specified powertrain ensures peak efficiency for engine operations at all times, enabling optimum fuel consumption and high average speeds on steep downhill gradients. This is a truly unique offering to the Asian market”, said Vice President Anders Larsson, responsible for Powertrain Engineering of UD Trucks.

Another advantage with Quester is the cab. The aerodynamic cab of Quester is purposely designed to reduce drag with the option of fitting roof and side air deflectors to reduce fuel consumption. Meanwhile, with a wide range of different product types which, when combined with well dimensioned components and axles, offers high GCWs and GVWs, Quester maximizes the payload and reduces the fuel consumption per ton carried.

Quester is also equipped with a real-time Fuel Coaching System, which gives instant feedback and assistance to the driver to help him or her drive as economically as possible, whilst still maintaining average trip times. The display shows the driver when to shift gear, accelerate or de-accelerate for maximum time in the engines optimum fuel-efficient rev range, the so called sweet spot. Quester saves data such as distance, fuel consumption and the sweet spot for up to 15 trips to improve the transport efficiency even further. The system is simple to understand and easy to use.

The concept behind fuel-efficient driving is based on reading the traffic, being proactive and gentle on the accelerator. It requires skill and long driving experience to master it, but the Fuel Coaching System offers assistance to any driver no matter how experienced. A telematics system that collects all the operating data, easily transferred to a computer for analysis, will be introduced in the near future. This opens up unique possibilities for better driver management, higher fuel efficiency and pro-active cost control.

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