Quester – the best of three worlds

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UD Trucks’ latest truck, Quester, combines the best of three worlds to make a product unique to the market. Japanese craftsmanship, the Volvo Group’s global technology system and local manufacturing and sourcing all come together to make Quester, the new truck range designed specifically for growth markets.

Each of Quester’s components is the result of years of experience and extensive quality control tests conducted by UD Trucks and the Volvo Group, which will provide a competitive advantage. “Quester is built and refined based on insights about customers’ day-to-day needs and cutting-edge knowhow gained from UD Trucks many years of experience in Asia, the Volvo Group’s global footprint and the best locally sourced parts”, said Nobuhiko Kishi, Vice President UD Trucks Product Strategy.

Japanese craftsmanship

As all UD Trucks’ products, Quester has been developed with a Japanese hands-on, field-oriented approach that starts from a customer and factory floor perspective. UD Trucks’ more than 70 years of Japanese craftsmanship has gone into creating Quester. For example, Quester is powered by best-in-class diesel engines. The Quester’s 8-litre engine (GH8E) is based on UD Trucks’ GH7 engine, which has established a good reputation for its performance and fuel consumption. The 11-litre engine (GH11E) is based on UD Trucks’ manufacturing quality in combination with advanced the Volvo Group technology. Additionally, the aerodynamic cab and the high payload capacity axles are also the masterpieces developed by UD Trucks engineering.

Global strength of the Volvo Group

As part of the Volvo Group, a world leading heavy duty truck manufacturer, UD Trucks has developed Quester which is empowered by the worldwide Volvo Group engineering network. The project started with engineers from 12 different nationalities that contributed in the project team to design, develop, validate and industrialize Quester and its associated services. “A heavy-duty chassis with high flexibility and quality is one of Quester’s main characteristics. These designs come from the Volvo Group’s proven commercial vehicle technology,” said Range Director Patrick Trombert, the Volvo Group Trucks Technology. The entire chassis is subject to extensive tests in accordance with the Volvo Group’s global standards. This guarantees high reliability and durability for all applications.

Local sourcing and manufacturing

Quester is the first completely built-up trucks that UD Trucks manufactures outside Japan. Local sourcing and manufacturing enable UD Trucks to deliver Quester as an affordable vehicle with superior performance in these highly cost-conscious growth markets. Quester is supported by an expanding service network providing UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts to ensure best possible uptime.

“With the combination of three worlds, Quester is a product that performs superbly, provides good value, and satisfies owners’ expectations in every respect”, said Nobuhiko Kishi. “All parts of Quester are exclusively developed and designed to work together and to be reliable, fuel-efficient, robust and safe on the road.”

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