UD Telematics Services

Real-time monitoring and improvements leading to long-term cost benefits

UD Trucks Telematics

UD Telematics is a remote monitoring system that keeps you updated on the status of your entire fleet in real-time. Not only is the system easy to use, it provides a number of major benefits that will help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost productivity.

Fleet management is improved, as UD Telematics includes service reminders, remote diagnostics, enables quick break-down assistance.

UD Telematics can also generate easy-to-read reports on the fuel usage of each truck and driver. By identifying areas for potential improvement through improved driving techniques, overall fleet fuel efficiency can be improved, lowering your overall costs.

With location tracking, you can keep sight of logistics or delivery targets at the click of a button. This service can also monitor the fuel usage of individual vehicles for efficiency optimisation, or can identify less congested routes for even more time/cost savings.