Wide range of choices to keep every type of business on schedule

Croner is a versatile medium-duty truck platform you can rely on. Three GVW ranges and a wide choice of wheelbases offer up to 21 different basic configurations with additional driveline, PTO and job-specific customization. Croner will get the job done faster, better and safer than ever before.

Engines GH11E

Engine GH11

Quester comes with a choice of a11-liter highly-efficient diesel engines, with low fuel consumption and superior performance, putting you one step ahead of the competition. Available power outputs range from 276kW, all with air-to-air intercooler turbocharging, integrated into a proven powertrain with a choice of transmissions offering 6, 9 or 12-speed, to perfectly match the engine and the task.

UD Trucks Croner sleeper cab

Flexible cabin layout

PKE has a 2.3-meter wide sleeper cab.
• The sleeper cab improves driver comfort and efficiency on long-and medium-haul drives.

UD Trucks Croner GH8E engine

Flexible, powerful driveline

The new 8-liter engine, powered by UD Trucks’ advanced technology, combine reliability with top class performance. Delivering high torque from low rev with flat torque curves, this modern engine provides:
• Better pulling power and easier driving.
• Improved fuel efficiency.
• Extended maintenance intervals.
• Longer life of the engine.

UD Trucks Croner PKE manual and automatic gearboxes for 8L engin

Robust manual and automatic transmissions

All Croner models come with a choice of reliable and durable manual and automatic transmissions.
• The manual 9-speed transmission is robust and durable, and able to cope with the toughest demands in various operation conditions.
• The highly reliable automatic transmissions, optimized for on road logistics and garbage compactors, are factory installed and available for all models.