Quester CWE 
Rough and Toughness.

The excellent agility of the Quester construction vehicles originates in the rigid chassis, the high ground clearance and the generous approach angle.


Easy to drive
Rough road conditions demand for a sturdy and capable truck. Quester has both the manoeuvrability and ground clearance to handle the narrow spaces and obstacles on the rough roads of a construction site.  A truck in these conditions must also be powerful and driveable, especially in low speeds and difficult terrain. Quester’s engines have a high torque at low revs giving excellent response to acceleration. 

Driving comfort 
Driving on really bad surfaces want a certain amount of driving comfort. The Quester with a combination of a parabolic front springs, well designed cab suspension and the option of an air suspended driver’s seat looks after the drivers in difficult driving conditions. 

Dependable braking system
The Quester has a reliable air brake with S-cam high performance drum brakes which are proven quality and recognized as the industry benchmark for many years. They are trouble-free and easy to service resulting in low maintenance costs and minimized downtime. 

High axle load capacity 
Due to the robust chassis and strong axles and well dimensioned components Quester has a competitive load carrying capacity. For construction an 8x4R with GVW of 41 tons is also available which maximizes the payload and reduces the fuel consumption per ton carried. 

Toughest rear suspension
Quester is build for the toughest conditions. The roll-formed high tensile steel frame with additional inner linings and T-Ride rear axle creates a solid base for reducing the exposure to excessive stress. Making it suitable for uneven road surfaces, loads with high center of gravity and unevenly distributed loads. 

UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB)
This auxiliary brake system provides powerful braking, is quick to engage and improves braking safety, resulting in higher average speeds especially in hilly landscapes. In addition it extends the liftetime of the wheel brake linings, thereby contributing to less need for service and maintenance. UD EEB is available as an option for the GH11. 

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General Specifications

Axle Configuration
Gross vehicle mass
DH8; GH11
Engine Series
330; 370
Engine Power Range
Torque Nm
1200; 1734
Engine Torque Range
ST1509; STO2009
Cargo; Mixer; Dump