Quester GWE 
A truck tailored for the long run.

If a driver is to perform well, he needs optimum space and comfort in his cab. This is what our designers had in mind with the modern cabs for the new Quester. The result is a surprisingly roomy cabin, ensuring good long-distance comfort. 

 If you want to run further in long-haul transport, Quester shifts your transport performance up a gear and steps on the brakes in terms of cost. Advantages for long haul: 

  • Spacious comfortable sleeper cab designed for long haul applications with high roof and twin bunks 
  • Leading in fuel economy due to optimised powertrain, fuel coaching system and aerodynamic design 
  • Composite aerodynamic bumper with front under run protection (FUP) 
  • Durable and reliable driveline 
  • Available as 6×2T, 6×4T, 6×4R and 8×4R


Single or double bunks
The Quester standard roof cab is equipped with a comfortable sleeping bunk for one person. In the high roof cab you have the possibility of adding an upper bunk. The beds are extra wide and long to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Easy access to cabin
For ease and safe climbing in and out of the cab, Quester is equipped with three non-slip steps and three sturdy grab handles to assist.

Rear and side
From the driver’s seat you’ll have an excellent view through the large window. Side windows are available as an option. They create a bright in-cab environment, making the driver’s work easier and more efficient. There is also an option of an openable rear window.

Ergonomic driver seat
Either air suspended or mechanical suspended drivers seats are available. They are an ergonomic design with good adjustment and well-shaped seat cushion and backrest which reduces fatigue during long trips.

Spacious cabin
The cab reduces driver’s fatigue and provides a comfortable driving environment in long distance transports. You get all the working and storage space that you need. The result: drivers stay energetic and alert longer.

Anti-corrosion protection
Quester has high quality anti-corrosion protection using the Volvo Group manufacturing standard. Phosphatizing dipping of the entire cab followed by three paint layers all of which are oven hardened. This secures protection for a long truck life.

High or standard roof
Depending on your specific requirements you can have the cab in high or standard height. The high version has double bunks and extra large storage compartments, making it especially suited on long routes.

Driver’s information display
A large 4.5” display in the instrument makes the information easy for the driver to read. It delivers bright and sharp contrast with quick and easy recognition of information. The display also gives information on the fuel coaching system.

Vehicle check up
Thanks to the truck’s electronic check system the driver can carry out the routine check from his seat before moving off – that saves time and improves the operations reliability of the truck.

General Specifications

Axle Configuration
70t; 80t
Gross Combination Mass
Engine Series
Engine Power Range
Torque Nm
Engine Torque Range