Driver Training

For safer, more efficient and more productive drivers

Driver Training

A tool is only as good as the hand that guides it. At UD Trucks, we'll not only deliver you the best trucks around, but also help our operators to extract the best performance from them. Our professional UD Trucks driver training team conducts lessons for fleets and private customers, and can help drivers of all experience levels to improve.

No matter what your line of work, we can help:

  • Handover and operation training helps drivers to become familiar with their trucks, and to operate them efficiently.
  • General cargo training focuses on teaching operators the best methods of improving fuel efficiency and safe driving.
  • Building and construction training imparts knowledge on the safest way to work in difficult, high-load and heavy-duty situations.
  • Off-road training is for safe, productive driving when the tarmac ends, such as construction sites and developing markets with less extensive infrastructure.

Our driver training can help you make the best even better, by reducing costs, improving safety and making the maximum use of UD Trucks technology.