UD Trucks Gemba Story

Gemba Story: mechanic

Shinichiro Fukuda, a mechanic at the UD Trucks Yokohama Customer Center, explains why he always tries to keep it in mind to provide fast and precise service to the customers.

What does gemba mean to you?
My gemba is the workshop at our customer service center. I always try to keep it in mind to provide fast and precise service to the customers. When a broken truck comes in and the customer is waiting, we are battling against time to put it back on the road. We work to maximize uptime for the trucks.

What other aspects of UD’s Gemba Spirit are important to you?
Continuously learning! Outside of formal training, we also learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences. It is important to acquire new knowledge every day and stay ahead of all the new technologies that come out so frequently nowadays. Our customer center manager knows that, and creates time and opportunity for us to learn from each other.

How do you go the extra mile in your gemba?
We participate in the UD Gemba Challenge, a competition held among UD mechanics around the world. It tests both individual and team ability. Being part of it gives us the opportunities to communicate with mechanics in other continents, so it’s a valuable platform to help us grow. Our goal is to win the 2016 championship and this is a big motivation at work.

What are the happiest moments in your work?
When we offer a quick and efficient solution to each customer’s individual request.