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UD Trucks unveils the All-New Quon: The next-generation truck that will support Singapore’s transformation into a global transport and logistics hub

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Innovations in smart logistics will boost business productivity and profitability, enhance road safety, and support Singapore’s Smart Nation ambitions.

UD Trucks Singapore today introduced the all-new, game-changing ‘Quon’, the heavy-duty truck which will propel success in Singapore with innovations that put people first. 

Joseph Heng, General Manager of UD Trucks Singapore said, “UD Trucks is a key industry player and we constantly find ways to go the extra mile to best serve our customers, businesses, and society. With the All-new Quon, we are confident that the technology being introduced will contribute to our nation’s progress through productivity growth that is not just sustainable, but will elevate the quality of life for all.”

In addition to contributing to the nation’s efforts to elevate the operational excellence of Singapore’s logistics sector,[1] this next-generation truck’s stand-out features will also bring value to members of the community. This innovation by UD Trucks aligns with the nation’s Smart Nation vision to be an economically-competitive global city and a liveable home.[2]

Boosting productivity and profitability for business owners and logistics companies in line with Singapore’s Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs). Owners of the All-new Quon will enjoy increased uptime, a higher payload, and reduction in the cost-per-trip that will enhance operational efficiencies and bolster their bottom-line. 
Downtime is also significantly reduced with the All-new Quon’s connectivity with the UD Trucks workshop where an alert monitoring system has been put in place to prevent breakdowns so that preventative maintenance can be planned swiftly to avoid such situations. 

Enhancing quality of life in Singapore with environmental sustainability that supports the nation’s Climate Action Plan[3] 

and increased drivability for truck drivers.

Singapore’s journey towards becoming more carbon efficient - a priority mapped out in the Climate Action Plan–will be further supported with the All-new Quon which streamlines fuel consumption with its fuel-efficient clean GH11 engine and ESCOT-VI a 12-speed automated manual transmission that suppresses fluctuations in fuel efficiency. The All-new Quon meets the 2016 pPNLT (Post-Post New Long-Term) exhaust gas emissions regulations and Euro 6 particulate matter levels.

In keeping with its commitment to deliver on innovations that put people first, the All-new Quon will also enable drivers to take smoother journeys because of its increased braking reliability and performance. This can be attributed to the truck’s improved heat-resistant disc brakes with superior fade resistance which have been put through rigorous testings to ensure superior reliability, durability, and quality.

Increasing road safety to reduce heavy vehicle-related fatal accidents in Singapore in alignment with the Total Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Framework.

Numerous new features introduced within the All-new Quon will ensure safety for both drivers and other road users. This is in keeping with the aim of the newly introduced WSH Framework which targets to reduce workplace fatalities over the next three years. 

Technologically-savvy safety features that make journeys safer and more intuitive for truck drivers include the Adaptive Cruise Control (Traffic Eye Cruise Control) and Collision Warning with Advanced Emergency Braking System (Traffic Eye Brake) for improved detection of vehicles ahead. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), which is another active safety feature that assists drivers by triggering an alarm when the driver unintentionally leaves the lane. These smart technologies will help prevent accidents which may be caused by drivers’ fatigue. 

The driving experience is also enhanced with the completely re-designed cabin that boasts new features such as the automated manual transmission ESCOT-VI, which makes gear shifting easier and faster, as well as the redesigned four-spoke steering wheel for a more comfortable grip, amongst other key highlights.

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[2] https://www.smartnation.sg/about/Smart-Nation [3] https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/1545Climate_Action_Plan_Publication_Part_1.pdf

• “We do not just aim to evolve the All-new Quon as a mere carrier of goods or a tool. Considering the reality of the transportation industry that is striving to make a balance between lack of drivers and more efficient and higher quality logistics, we also aim to support those working in the industry. From that view point, we decided to develop a truck with innovation that puts people first,” said Nobuhiko Kishi, Senior Vice President of UD Trucks Corporation. 

• “Our focus is always on innovation that puts people first. It is a truck for any driver to drive easily and safely. This is a truck that helps businesses reduce operating costs, boost logistics, and transportation efficiency and improve productivity. The All-new Quon is the new generation of truck that meets our needs, today and tomorrow and one that is here to support Singapore’s ambition to be the global transport and logistics hub. You should expect nothing but the best,” said Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, Senior Vice President of UD Trucks International Sales at the launch.

• “Imagine a Singapore with indoor bus stops at hospitals and shopping malls or night-time deliveries made by silent zero-emission trucks - the future of smart logistics is here and All-new Quon marks only the beginning. Leveraging our network and access to the Volvo Group resource pool, we want to help Singapore’s progress in this direction with our “FUJIN & RAIJIN. VISION 2030.”, a roadmap that will lead the way towards the full commercialisation of electric and autonomous heavy-duty trucks by 2030 starting in Japan.” Douglas Nakano, Senior Vice President of UD Trucks Technology.

The All-new Quon has multiple unique features that take trucking to an unprecedented performance level. 

UD Trucks All-New Quon gearshift
Smart Drivability: easier and smoother journeys to support drivers. 
The cabin has been redesigned with driver comfort as a priority. The new ESCOT-VI electronically controlled automatic transmission adopts a simple, easy-to-use straight shift pattern, reinforcing the All-new Quon’s operability while also enhancing performance in rough weather conditions. Disc brakes provide quick and smooth pedal response, and reliable braking on long descents, promoting braking comfort that reduces driver fatigue, and is also easy on cargo. 

UD Trucks All-New Quon  Smart Fuel Efficiency: cleaner yet more powerful, for improved performance and environmental friendliness. 
The fuel-efficient, powerful and clean 11-litre GH11 engine features a new fuel injection system that exceeds the Japan’s Heavy Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards by 5%. To further support fuel-efficient driving, ESCOT-VI, 12-speed automated manual transmission with functions such as ESCOT-roll, Acceleration Limiter and Soft Cruise Control suppresses fluctuations in fuel consumption, contributing to fuel economy.
QuonProductBrochure_Truck  Smart Safety: safer and more reliable for the driver, cargo and surroundings.
The All-new Quon features the Adaptive Cruise Control (Traffic Eye Cruise Control), Emergency Braking for Collision Warning and Advanced Emergency Braking System (Traffic Eye Brake) that use high-precision radar to monitor the distance and speed of vehicles in front. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) assists the drivers by triggering an alarm when the driver unintentionally leaves the lane.

The advanced Electronic Braking System (EBS) consists of features to optimise braking performance and extend tire life. It includes the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that prevents the wheels from locking, even under heavy braking on slippery roads. This allows the driver to brake and steer at the same time to avoid an accident. In addition, the Anti- Slip Regulation system (ASR) distributes drive force to the wheel with the best grip, reducing the risk of spinning on a slippery surface. In combination with passive safety features, these advanced safety systems aim to improve safety of drivers and other road users.

UD Trucks All-New Quon chassis  Smart Productivity: more payload and greater efficiency for increased profitability.
The All-new Quon is equipped with disc brakes and high tensile steel plates for the main frame to reduce the vehicle weight for improved payload. The chassis design also emphasises body mounting efficiency to provide a greater range of options.
 UD Trucks All-New Quon  Uptime: stay on the road to minimise non-revenue generating time.
The All-new Quon’s disc brakes do not require expanders, reducing the number of parts that need to be regularly replaced. High-quality synthetic oils that are highly heat-resistant and do not easily degrade extend replacement intervals and uptime. 

Additionally, comprehensive UD Extra Mile Support including UD Genuine Parts and Service, the UD Trust Service Agreement, UD Service Planning and UD Information Service utilising the latest in connectivity – aims to keep customers’ vehicles in the best possible condition to maximise uptime. 

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