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Roads, the UD Trucks customer magazine, is packed with lots of great stories and interviews that are more diverse than ever. All issues of Roads boast customer stories from all over the world, CSR pieces, employee profiles, technology and UD history accounts, and Truckers tips and tricks.

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December 2016

UD Trucks Roads magazine December 2016 issue

November was a rather eventful month for UD Trucks. In this issue, we cover the Gemba Challenge 2016 final, Extra Mile Challenge 2016 final as well as the Ageo City Marathon, where more than 80 UD Trucks employees from Japan ran 5 and 21k races. On top of these events, we have stories on a Quon test drive in Okayama in which we gathered customer testimonials on the ESCOT-V transmission, the new PW heavy-duty trucks in Australia and customer stories from Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Japan.

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August 2016

Roads #2, 2016 cover

Quester is being introduced to new markets and is now available in the Middle East and more particularly in Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia where Roads flew to cover those three launches. It has also caught the eye of Economi Hauling in the Philippines who just ordered 16 new Questers to expand its fleet of prime movers. We traveled to Australia, to cover Kane Transport which has all UD models available on the Australian market and Quon, our heavy-duty flagship is featured in two Extra Miles Stories in Singapore and Japan.

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April 2016


In this issue, we share what is the Gemba spirit through testimonials. UD's gemba spirit started with our founder Kenzo Adachi when he took his first diesel truck to a 3,000km-test drive across Japan in 1939 wanting to verify its dependability and reliability under the toughest conditions. Every day our gemba people go the extra mile to understand what is important for you and your business. We also travel to South Africa, Japan and Indonesia to feature customers with successful and thriving businesses.

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December 2015


In this issue, we feature the futuristic looking Quon Vision and the experimental truck UD Electric Demonstrator, both showcased for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. We take you to the finals of the 2015 Extra Mile Challenge, an international competition that reproduces the rules of success of a transportation company. Also in store, Followmont Transport in Brisbane, Maruwn in Tokyo, Every Glory Logistics in Singapore: three major logistics companies that rely on UD for the success of their daily operations.

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October 2015


In this special Tokyo Motor Show 2015 issue, we discuss Smart Logistics, or how to support customers with today’s challenges from drivability to safety, reducing running costs while increasing uptime and productivity. We feature "Quon Vision", a futuristic concept and “UD Electric Demonstrator”, an experimental truck that explores the future of electric propulsion in the medium-duty segment, integrating the performance of an internal combustion-engined vehicle in a silent zero emission package.

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August 2015


In this issue, we share the 7 key milestones in UD engine history and discuss the GH8E engine. A CSR story from South Africa shows how UD Trucks is involved in saving rhinos. Jariya Khampakdee, a lady driver in Thailand takes us onboard Quester and in Japan, we feature a company that embraces challenges. In Ecuador, we follow drivers who pave roads to connect rural communities. And truckers tips and tricks shows drivers how to stay comfortable during long journeys.

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April 2015


​In this issue, we pay a special attention to the history of UD Trucks as 2015 marks the 80th anniversary of the company. For the first time, we feature a Japanese customer who opted to constitute a large part of their 1,000-truck fleet with UD trucks. We travel to South Africa to write about family-run Reddy Cargo Services and to Brisbane to know more about Sharp Plywood. We learn how UD's fuel coaching system is a personal on-board coach and in truckers tips and tricks, we discover that eating healthy on the roads is possible!

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December 2014


In this issue, we celebrate UD Trucks events through the Extra Mile Challenge which identifies the most efficient customer team around the world, the Legendary test drive that retraces the 3,000km-journey of our founder during 13 days and have a piece on the UD Trucks Gemba Challenge, a mechanical skills development competition. We feature ESCOT-V, a manual gearbox with an automatic gear changing system. We also traveled to Pakistan to take a look at the most decorated UD trucks we have seen so far.

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August 2014


In this issue, we travel to Namibia to highlight VZ Trucking, which distributes supplies to the far reaches of the country. We jump into the world of DGL Logistics in Australia, which has now become a major transportation company with more than 300 trucks. We show how UD’s newest Quon brings a series of improvements that strengthens its status as a leading heavy truck on the Japanese market.We also learn how the 6WT carried the reconstruction of Japan on its wheels back in the 1950s.

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April 2014


This issue of Roads features a CSR story in South Africa, where a UD truck is used to feed orphans and the aged. As 2014 celebrates the 75th anniversary of UD, we get inspired by the test drive that fulfilled a dream. We have a piece on the world's first urea SCR system to show how UD broke new ground in reducing fuel emissions. And we also take you to Australia and Singapore, to show how, though operating in very different environments, both two companies rely on UD Trucks to successfully grow their business.

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November 2013


In this issue, we travel to Hong Kong to take a look at the logistics of the laundry business in one of the world’s busiest cities. We fly to Indonesia, where we join Parani, a freight-forwarding business, as it moves vehicles around Indonesia’s many islands. We have an interesting insight into the world of a UD driver trainer who explains that better driving saves large sums in fuel. And we also talk to a Body Section Manager, who describes that life at the UD Trucks' facility comes in 2900 colors.

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August 2013


In this issue, we travel to South America to highlight Kiss Baking, a bakery that distributes fresh bread to all corners of Trinidad and Tobago using a fleet of UD trucks.We introduce Quester, a new heavy-duty truck range for South East Asia’s growth markets designed to maximize fuel economy and uptime. We spend a day in the life of a UD mechanic and see that no two days are alike. We also talk to cab engineer Kunihisa Shimura, who tells us that there is far more to the Quon cab than meets the eye.

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August 2013


Quester edition

This issue of Roads special. It focuses on Quester, UD’s new heavy-duty truck. Everything you want to know about Quester is available in a 6-page feature. we travel to South America to highlight a bakery that distributes fresh bread in Trinidad and Tobago using a fleet of UD trucks. We also spend a day in the life of a UD mechanic and see that no two days are alike.

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