Completion of the first heavy-duty cab-over truck

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

In 1960, the company changed its name to Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. following its acquisition by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. The company’s first cab-over truck, the large 8-ton TC80G, made its debut at the All Japan Motor Show in 1960, with the sleek, original cab design housing a 165-horsepower UD4 engine creating quite a sensation.

Around the same time, Japan was pushing full steam ahead with the construction of an expressway linking Tokyo and Osaka, thereby driving up demand in the transportation industry for trucks with exceptional long-distance and high-speed capabilities as a key alternative to rail. While the loading platform on cab-over type trucks could be extended to increase cargo volume, engine vibration presented a problem, plus it was necessary to enhance interior comfort so that drivers remained alert on long hauls.

cab over truck 1960

With this in mind, the company set about developing the TC80G cab-over type truck fitted with a highly durable chassis previously proven in the T80 bonnet truck. The new version enabled steady operability as well as small radius turns without altering the wheelbase or engine position even after extending the loading platform from 5m to 6.3m. The three-person cab all but eliminated vibration while a large-size front window enhanced visibility. 

Other features included tinted heatproof glass and a ventilator for increased comfort. In terms of maintenance, further innovations simplified engine inspection and overhaul.Following its success with the TC80G, the company launched the 6TW12C cab-over truck as part of the 6TW series in 1961 and the TC80G equipped with a new style of cab in 1963. Following this, cab-over type trucks became the core models of the company and ended up playing a leading role in the long-distance, mass transportation of the time.